- another Scam site?

The scammers and forgers are making it easy for me to spot their scam sites, as the scam bastards keep attaching their comment spam to my blog articles.

Today the top spam scammers appear to be, who’s website has no contact details,  ridiculous discounts and rather amusingly, a remnant of the skirt site the Thenorthfacecoatsoutletsale designers cloned the site from, in the bottom left hand corner of the site - a scrolling application that reads

“A-line skirts Usually the flare on the a-line varies, becoming a flared a-line like the Luisa Beccaria embroidered black skirt seen below right. This skirskirts fashiont is flattering for most body types……..”.

The fact that I have written this quick blog to highlight the northface coats outlet sale .net will probably draw this to their attention and they’ll take it off, so I took a wee image of it:

North Face Jacket scam site

 It’s really not for me to say with 100% certainty that this is a scam, take-your-money-and-run site, they may well be somehow selling genuine products that sell elsewhere for $415, for only $109, but I would warn anyone against making any online purchases from any websites that you don’t know and that don’t feature contact details on the site - particularly if they seem to be offering massive discounts that appear to be too good to be true.

Read the comments from the people that lost out with the, and scam sites before placing an online order with .

If you have had dealings with, we’d love to know if you received your product, was is good quality, etc. Equally, we’d like to know if you placed an order and didn’t receive money, had trouble corresponding with the company, etc.  Please take two minutes to leave a comment.

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