Temporary Job Offer Scam email

I received an spam scam email from a Jeffery Clement this morning - Jeffery.Clement@hideakifan.com, although it was actually from a different email address, rasenjof@vtr.net. Nothing screams,”Scam!”, more than someone masking their email address, (emailing you from an address purporting to be from another address), so I thought I’d mention it in the blog, in case anyone is thinking of answering the email.

To be fair, having not replied to the temporary job offer email, I don’t know specifically what they are trying to get from you, but it’s likely to be personal details so they can build a list of people actively looking for part-time work, credit card details, or some kind of sign on fee paid into their account.

The temporary job email offer details are as follows:

From: Jeffery.Clement@hideakifan.com [rasenjof@vtr.net]

Subject: Temporary Job Offer

Welcoming speech

I am a manager of the HR department of a large multinational company.

Our company is engaged in different areas of activity, such as:

- consulting services

- bank accounts opening and maintenance

- private undertaking services

- etc.

We are searching for partners in Europe:

- pay 2.300 euro + premium

- part-time job

- optimal timetable

If you would like to work with us, please provide us the following information:

e u r o @ u l t r a u p s . c o m (delete spaces in email address before mailing us)






Telephone Number:

Mobile phone-number:

We are looking for the people who have a right to work in EU!Please mention your name and write the phone number. Our manager will contact you to fix an interview.

It would be interesting to know what the purpose of Jeffery Clement’s temporary job offer email is, so if you have answered the email, we’d be grateful if you could leave a comment below to let us know. Thanks :)

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