Google Revenues 2011 Infographic

Occasionally, we are asked to feature a guest article in the Big Man’s blog and having published a Google Infographic recently, that I received positive feedback on, when Wordstream asked me to feature a Google revenues 2011 infographic, showing the top ten industries contributing to Google’s 2011 $37.9 Billion advertising revenues, I thought my readers may be interested, so -

On the heels of this week’s “disappointing” Google 2011 earnings announcement, Wordstream, theĀ Pay Per Click and SEM software tools vendor, have published new research, that shows where, (specifically),Google made their whopping $37.9 Billion in 2011 Advertising Revenues. The findings are summarized in this new Infographic:

What Industries Contributed to Google's Billion in Revenues? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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