- another scam spammer

On December 29th I posted a quick article asking if anyone knew if was a legitimate site or not. So far, I haven’t had a comment to say that IS a scam site, but I received another bundle of comment spam from a similar Canada Goose jacket site - Spam

The spam comment reads:

canada goose outwear | |

cheap womens Canada Goose Jackets for Sale makes up necessitated because United States government fashionable the approaching daytimes. Leastways, canada goose will enable us to better welcome this December, the winter that has already arrived.What the world can give you is always beyond what runs wild in your mind. In this winter, womens canada goose jackets is quite suit people.B3&8(uu》

Canada goose out wear has a livezilla chat facility and I managed to get to talk to someone, who confirmed that, was owned by the same Chinese company that owns and that they are based in China.

There is a telephone number on the site this time, but still no addresss, spelling errors and the News and Blog is still complete gobbledigook. If someone has successfully or unsuccessfully bought from either or please take two minutes to leave a comment, so we know if these are, indeed scam sites, or sites selling counterfeit goods.

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