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Following on from the barbour jacket scam sites I reported on in the third week of December, scam site and scam site, I’ve had similar spam comments from today.

The canada goose gear spam comment reads:

canada goose coats | xiaoyulei89@ |

Reporters saw there, the g star super parka coat for women entire warehouse clothes hanging in disorder, and many also fell to the ground, the same as a street vendor, do not see is hundreds or even thousands of stores serves decent clothes, though this is still a lot of people canada goose yorkville bomber In the “rush”, it was already selected a pile of clothes on the floor, being selected to the staff could not wait to find out whether there is a suitable size, color and so on. But it is disappointing that many reported up style, code canada goose mystique parka reviews 2011 number, the staff say has been out of stock. - is this a Scam site?

I don’t know if this IS a scam site, or even a site selling copies. My attention was drawn to it because of their modus operandi, as far a spam commenting on blogs is concerned. Looking into it further, it’s registered to an address in China, There is no Telephone number and the email address is a hotmail address and the “News” is a jumble of words added to a page, that make no sense at all.  The blog is also a series of articles that are simply word jumble that make no sense. The site domain name is very new as well and all-in-all, I would personally think twice about ordering from the website.

If you have bought something from, let us know your experience by leaving a comment below. The last thing I want to do is cause a legitimate trading company, selling genuine original products, any problems. If this is a genuine site, I will, of-course, remove this post straight away.  I’m merely asking the question as to why, if is a genuine trading site, are there so many similarities to the other sites mentioned previously.

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JK2999999999 Says:

It is a scam
I hate spambots


Been spending the last month trying to sort this out… have yet to hear from the company. There is a 3rd party site that is supposed to ‘help’ but keeps sending me the same useless email.


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