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A few days ago, I was spammed by the scam site and today, I had 240 more, from the same IP address, but this time it was advertising, which has all the same scam pointers as the Barbour jacket sale website.

The Barbour quilted jacket scam spam reads:

Mary | 78954621@ |

U.S. unemployment is at its lowest level in Barbour quilted jacket six months. But at 9 percent, it is still too high for the 13.9 million Americans out of Barbour jackets work. One woman named Judy has been unemployed for more than a year. She said it is getting harder to stay positive.

“It’s just so many people out here looking, and that’s what’s taking so long. I’m being patient, but some of these Barbour jacket job interviews, I’m just saying, give me the job, give me the job! But there’s just so many Barbour applicants,” she said.
Like many others, Judy visits this unemployment office in Virginia looking for quilted Barbour jacket job leads. Recently laid off, Kevin Norris understands her frustration. He holds a Master’s degree and has been working since he was 13.

“The idea of not working for a living, and you know, letting somebody else help me out and letting somebody else pay my quilted jacket bills, just, it drives me crazy. I don’t even know how to really understand it, but that’s the way Barbour quilted jacket things appear to be at the moment,” said Norris.

The website has broken links, no contact number, no business address details, and the jackets are discounted to silly levels to tempt unsuspecting shoppers to part with their cash. On the previous post, concerning,  we have already had four comments from people that sent their money and received nothing in return, so I don’t believe my suspicions are unfounded.

I found similar sites around the the barbour quilted jacket keyword set, like and, that both also have the same broken links, no contact details, silly prices, etc.

I can’t say for sure if these are scam sites, the purpose of the article is to raise your awareness that has all the same features as, which the comments would suggest IS a scam site. If you have dealt with any of these Barbour jacket websites, please take two minutes to leave a comment. Even better, if you are the owner of these sites, let us know your telephone number and address, so buyers can be confident of making a purchase.

28 Responses to “ scam site”

John Chivvers Says:

From the website:

At present, we’re aware of the following counterfeit websites claiming to offer genuine Barbour goods for sale. We strongly advise you NOT to purchase from the following sites
The only way to ensure that you are buying a genuine Barbour product on line is to purchase through or from one of our official stockists. We cannot guarantee the authenticity of products purchased from any other website including ebay.

To report a suspect website, contact our Customer Services team on 0191 455 4444 or email info@


I tried to purchase a Barbour Jacket via one of the above mentioned websites. I did receive something but it wasn’t a Barbour and is a very low value fleece type item.

Visa are now working to retrieve my money - good luck to anyone else.

E Davies-Scott Says:

I have also had the unfortunate experience of placing an order with the ‘company’ Barbour-Jackets-Sale- no confirmation of order, broken links (we site doesn’t recognise my password), no response to messages left on the web site. Have been in contact with my credit card company, money has been taken from my account for the cost of the jacket ordered, am now pursuing the matter further.

Andy M Says:

I have stupidly done the same thing. Having realised i had been on one of these counterfeit sites i emailed them (as there was no telephone number) to ask them to cancel my order and requested a refund. 2 days later, without a response they dispatched my order! Any ideas how we get our money back?

David Lindman Says:

I ordered a coat from this site on dec 1 2011, still have not recieved my coat at this point I am getting ready to contact visa. I would contact Visa this second, if I were you…. BM

Surash Surash Says:

I ordered a coat on 31 December, got an email from them saying the stock has been delivered. (although not received anything!) They’re tracking system takes you to a Chinese website - which doesn’t recognise the tracking number! I then googled them and came up with this website and others which seem to show lots of customers who’ve been conned. I’ve contacted Visa and apparently they’re quite a number of people in the same situation! Surely its time Visa and the Banks start taking action and banning these websites! Apparently I have to wait 15 days from paying to raise the query with Visa and then they’ll TRY and get my money back! I agree. It’s a nightmare. At least you’ll be more vigilant in future. If a price seems too good to be true, that usually proves to be the case. :( BM

Amanda Says:

I had the same happen to me !! No response after weeks e mails in the end I have had to get the bank and metropolitan police to investigate.

lucy Says:

I ordered two barbour jackets on 20th December 2011, I never even thought it was a scam, my credit card has been debited and after various un-answered e-mails and reading everyone elses above e-mails I realise I have been shafted big time. How do these arseholes sleep at night!!

dave burns Says:

Hook, line and sinker :- ( “a” coat arrived today…prob worth $5 tops…not £103 I spent..thankfully on CC, so will get my money back…please avoid !!!! Mine was

Caroline Whatley Says:

I have also been scammed by this company. Thought the site was genuine, big mistake. Although my biggest mistake was making my purchase with a debit card - no refund on this, first time I have ever used a debit card for an online purchase - stupid me, never again. These conmen should be stopped they are making lots of money and in return you end up with some second rate jacket. Be warned, I certainly have been.

Paul Dolan Says:

I ordered a jacket on 1st January with 5 days to 7 working days delivery, I emailed chasing order no reply now realise im a sucker so mastercard reclaim here I come. Can’t understand how google/msn promote these there should be a way of blocking this off. I would tell them but no easy way to contact. If you are in the USA, send details to and if you live elsewhere in the world, use To be honest, I don’t know how effective either site is, as I haven’t used them myself, but it may make you feel better, if nothing else :) BM

Hanna Says:

Made an order through My VISA has been debited but I get no answer to mails about delivery or reclamation. The same story as the rest of you! Will pursue this to VISA. I did cancel my credit card just in case. I learnt my lesson.

Lisa Says:

I am sure that is a counterfeit website as well!!! The currency exchange system is not correct as well! Be careful!

Alex Says:

Same mistake. Placed an order thinking the price was too good to be true. Turns out it was. Emailed them several times to cancel my order but they dispatched it and after a month and a half today received a coat which certainly is not a barbour. Paid on a debit card also. Any tips to pursue this?

Luc Says:

I ordered a jacket over a month ago, received 2 email confirmations all looked very official and an order update that a delivery was dispatched. After a number of emails to which I had no reply the parcel finally arrived, what should have been a ladies Barbour jacket I was presented with a men’s unbranded xxl jacket. The website and email have now disappeared. The site was Any advice would be greatly appreciated. If you paid by credit card, contact your credit card company straight away and there’s still a good chance you will get your money back. If you paid by debit card, I believe you have no protection. BM

Andrea Says:

I fell for the barbour quilted jacket website. Mines the same as the other posts - looked ok but not a secure site, no goods, no response to e-mails. Idiot me paid by debit but my bank operates a fraud line and will try and get my money back. Robbing gits even though the weblink no longer works I see they’ve changed the name again - be warned.

Jonathan Says:

I ordered a jacket from this site on the 13th of feb and sent them an email asking why the status was still pending on the 19th. They responded quickly with a tracking link claiming that the item has been dispatched and saying the item was delivered on the 19th too. The tracking link is a chinese postal service and the tracking details don’t work.

I paid with an RBS Visa Debit card so I’m not sure if I have an comeback regarding a refund.

Tyler Says:

Another mug here.

I paid for a Barbour Jacket on and have not recieved it. It now says delivered.
I paid with a debit card so no comeback.
To make it worse apparently they can keep debiting your card even if you cancel your card although you will get these back if you have made the case to Visa. Also, if you close your bank account completely they can keep taking and you are still liable for any transactions.

John Says:

One more sucker here. I realised the website was a fraud one ten mins after I made the payment, I phoned up my bank straight away to block my card, my debit card. Money is still there, but I am totally upset. The website was Look on the positive side - at least you realised in time John :) BM

becky Says:

I knew it was too good to be true, but risked it anyway, how stupid am I??!!
Almost a month since I made the order and nothing has arrived, i have sent 3 messages regarding the dispatch date and get short replies but no details, they cant even answer a simple question like ‘what was the dispatch date?’.
I paid on a Debit card also so will try and find out the procedure to getting a refund, if that’s possible!! dont touch it with a barge pole!!!

John Smith Says:

I’m a member of this sorry club, unfortunately - my faith in online shopping has taken a slight dent, but life goes on..
Nevertheless, Barbour has been contacted about this fraudalent site, and hopefully their days are numbered.
Although the order placed is only a week old, I now believe I have been conned, so I’ve given a piece of my mind.
The good news is I avoided placing a large order, so that’s a relief.
Good luck!

John Smith Says:

Some good news!

An update - I managed to get a full refund from the card processing company which handled the payment transaction. Having reported both sites as fraudalent, this may have put some pressure on them.

Worth a try!

Craig Needham Says:

I placed an order with the as all the jackets looked genuine at a fraction of the cost, after I saw a currency conversion I became suspicious and e mailed them, and I received a reply in rather dodgy English to say it had been despatched, after approx 2weeks a rather cheap looking wax Prada jacket arrived, not impressed so I contacted my cc company and after explaining my dilemma they credited my account as £130.00 for a jacket worth no more than a fiver is a rip off so my advice is to contact your cc company to reclaim your money and avoid these web sites as they are very dodgy

Ian Goodacre Says:

Add another to the list -
What a knob! Should have known better but placed the order late at night when tired. Same story as everyone else: Failure to deliver, then pathetic cheap jacket delivered, loads of excuses, now no replies and website not available. Then I find this…a little too late. Paid via debit card so not hopeful however I flagged it as possibly a fraudulant website with my bank early doors but have waited to see if it could be resolved.
How can I chase the card processing company?

Lynne Owen Says:

I’m a fully paid up member of the above club also. Stupidly tempted by low prices. Same story, only contact by email to China, waited weeks & weeks following several emails finally (2 months) cheap jacket arrived. Told them I wanted full refund & sent jacket back. Nothing, so I contacted cc company, fortunately they refunded my account and are investigating company. Never again.

Yuko Says:

I am also the member of the club, and I’ve been waiting for a jacket for a month now; just began to know what exactly happening. Some hopeful comments saying that the goods eventually arrived months later, or some refunds were accepted. A slight light of hope.
Payment was not via Paypal or other established system but something called Fashionpay, never heard of. Chinese EMS seemed to be used for delivery, and reference number has one extra figure that made search impossible (Or that indicates such delivery is not exist)
The site is called
which is not yet on the list.

Julie Says:

Thought I was to receive an Ashby jacket, received ‘New Look’ quilted jacket. Not happy. Paid £105.00 for it!!!! Sorry to hear that Julie. BM

Linda Says:
I ordered a parka Barbour jacket from the above website on the 8th December 2012. I have not received the jacket and the money was taken the day after so I am now thinking I have been done “again” I paid by debit card so I presume I won’t be able to get any money back. It’s about time these animals were stopped !!

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