Which SEO company should I choose?

Jeremy from the land of Yahoo asks,

There are now hundreds of SEO companies to choose from, so why should I choose Kenkai to optimise my website and if I find that you are too expensive, how do I select an SEO company?

Jeremy didn’t give us details of his website and has not replied to any emails, so I suspect that he was asking a general question about selecting an SEO company, which is something that I feel will be of interest to other website owners, who are thinking of selecting an optimisation partner in the near future.

I wrote an article this time last year, choosing an SEO company, which answers this question in detail. Reading through the article, the process for selecting an SEO hasn’t changed any, so there is no real need for an article update.

As always, if anyone has any questions regarding the article or about any specific questions about selecting an optimisation company to partner with, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will always consider any SEO or design projects, but like any successful search engine optimisation company, we are very busy and can only offer or services to a few of the companies that contact us. We also rarely accept clients from outside the UK, so please believe me when I say that the article is a genuine attempt to advise website owners how to select the right SEO company for them and not simply a pitch for your SEO business.

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