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I received, no less than 120 spam comments from on my blog this morning. All of the barbour jacket sale website spam comments were the same and made no sense at all, just filled with links to It read:

For months, people around the world have watched the barbour jackets and violent protests in Athens. But Greeks in rural areas say the country’s debt crisis is hitting barbour jacket even harder. And they say the government is ignoring their problems.
In the West Macedonian town of Ptolemaida, electricity is the main industry. Mines in the quilted barbour jacket area supply lignite or “brown coal” for power. The electric company in the town is owned by the state. But the government plans to sell off many of its state-owned mens barbour jacket to help pay Greece’s debts.
In the nearby town of quilted jacket, Lefteris Ionnadis helps lead an activist group called the Independent Kozani Movement.
LEFTERIS IOANNIDIS: “Our economy has depended on the coal industry for years. Most people living here were employed in the barbour quilted jacket, and other barbour sale industries were neglected. Private businesses have been struggling for decades, and rural economies have taken a big hit.”

No Contact Address and Not Secure

The fact that the site sent so much poorly worded spam on one day, suggested to me that there was something dodgy about the website. On investigation, I find that there are no contact details on the site, no VAT number or company registration number, no Terms and Conditions of Sale, the sign-in process to place an order in not on a secure server and the site is riddled with broken links and is not complete, with the News section featuring links to articles that don’t exist. Although purporting to be a UK based site, or at least featuring £s as the currency, the domain name is registered to xu qiaoqian, who is, (or are) based in Hong Kong

Now I can’t say for sure, but these are all warning signals that is a scam site, simply out to take the money and run.

This may not be the case. may simply be a poorly designed website, put up by someone inexperienced in either eCommerce and marketing, but personally, I won’t be placing an order on that site anytime soon :)

There are numerous similar asites, such as and, all with no contact details, broken links, poor English, etc. and all offering massive discounts on Barbour jackets. The above two sites are registered in the Bahamas, without full whois details, and a c/o address, yet state that they are UK based sites

If you have ordered something from, or or received spam from them, we’d be interested to know the outcome. Thanks.

Update: In the time it took to write this article, sent me another 20 spam comments. Spamtwats!

32 Responses to “ scam site”

Daniel Says:

I orders a jacket over a week ago and havnt received it so I sent them an email, no reply and I cant even log in to the site anymore because it says there is no record of my details.

shaun miller Says: these guys are scammers too

Fres Says: is also a scam site and they have others -,, I only bought from, but as you say in your article, none of them have a secure cart, they have broken links and no contact details. If these are all scam sites, they seem to have gone into this scam in a big way!

s Says:

Bought a jacket and had the same experience: nothing arrived, no reply!!



Thank you.

I’m afraid that it looks like it was a very expensive lesson. In future, if there are any broken links on a site, if there is no contact telephone number, if there is no address and no business registration details on the site, no terms and conditions, simply don’t deal with that site, no matter how tempting their prices are. BM

Lesley Robson Says:

I ordered a jacket on 15/12 11 on behalf of my daughter, from, but despite the money being taken from my account on 19/12/11 and me sending two emails i have had no reply or jacket. Daren’t tell my daughter. Looks bad doesn’t it. I’m afraid it does :( BM

Paul Says:

My advice (given this also caught me out - my first).

If you paid by VISA CREDIT CARD, make a claim as you have a level of protection. I have and I will get a full refund, due to goods not supplied under the buyer/seller contract I entered in to.

Alan Says:

I have ordered a jacket too, should arrive by 2nd January 2012, my credit card company stated that if it does not arrive within 15 days of order they will give me my money back. the real Barbour site has a sale from 2/01/2012 will be buying from them

Good luck

karine Says:

Same here, I ve ordered a barbour jacket and never received it despite the money been taken off my accounts.. they aren’t replying to my emails too.. :((

Lisa Says:

I too have been REALLY STUPID and ordered a coat for my husband - I can’t even get on the site now, it seems to have been removed :-( Can’t believe I fell for it, robbing b&!****&$”ds!!!!!! I can still see the site Lisa, but that’s no consolation for you. I’m sorry to hear you have been duped in this way. :( BM

scott Says:

I orders a jacket from, but recieved the wrong jacket it took me ages to finally get any sort of response. I rang the number and I will post it later and I am now waiting for my money to be put back in my account….. On the positive side, at least you received something for your money, which isn’t the experience of most of the replies I have received, nonetheless, I hope it works out for you Scott. BM

scott Says:

The number I rang was +44.203.318.51.72 the company that deals with the payments is TOP.MALL.EU.

Hope this helps people out……

Ive just recieved confirmation from my bank that the payment is in my account… :) Well done Scott and thanks for the information :) BM

Ali Says:

Wish I’d read all this before I fell for the scam tonight. After weeks of searching I thought I’d finally found the Barbour jacket I was looking for - it was out of stock everywhere I looked and I couldn’t believe my luck when I found it on this website. And it was such a bargain! And I was so not thinking straight! The contact numbers don’t ring out and the emails come bouncing back. I paid by credit card and I’ll try and cancel through them but it’s a hard and expensive lesson to learn. At least we won’t be doing this again.

scott McDermott Says:

Stupidly, on the 17th December 2011, I ordered a Cheshire Barbour jacket from barbours sale 2012. I ordered the jacket on my behalf of my father who had been looking everywhere for this particular jacket. At first glance the website seemed professional. I ordered the jacket on his behalf and he gave me his visa debit card to pay for the item. Four weeks later and the jacket still hasnt arrived and there are no contact details. The company is based in China which there is no reference to on the site. Do not use this site people - avoid at all costs. Scott got his money back, he has printed the telephone number in another comment :) BM

Stephen Says:

Hi I ordered a coat before Christmas and waited over a month with no replies. I finally received a woman’s tracksuit top instead of the jacket I ordered. What a waste of time. I have managed, however, to sort it through my bank.

Allen hudson Says:

Have you got that number. Which number? BM

Alan Says:

Well I ordered my jacket on the 18th Decmember and four weeks passed and no reply. Reported the scamsters to my credit card company and now have my money back via Topmals Eu.
That however is not the end of my story………on the 11th January a sort of jacket did arrive, a cheap zip shell jacket worth about £5.00.
At least I got my money back and something to clean the car with too.Avoid all those cheap Barbour sites as they are all linked! if you pay by credit card and have been ripped off you should get your money back. Also the genuine Barbour site does have a sale on as I just purchased a new Chelsea Jacket.

Audrey Says:

I purchased a bag from this site at what I tought was a great price. They said it would arrive in 7-10 days. After the 10 days it never arrived and I emailed them about it. Their responce was that it was the holidays and it would take a longer time, this was AFTER the holidays. Still did not arrive days later, I emailed again, now they said it was lost but just sent out again. Still didn’t receive bag, emailed again, said was lost AGAIN but now found and sent and gave me a tracking number. When I tried to track it, there was no such transaction!!! Finally I emailed and told them I wanted a refund, they gave me a bunch of nonsence that they have to track it and get it back and then I had to pay 10% fee! This purchase went through my bank and I did call them a few days after and express that I felt somthing was not right about the whole thing, they will try to refund the money. DO NOT BUY FROM ANY SITES SAYING THEY HAVE CHEAP BARBOUR!!!!!!

Graham Taylor Says:

Got scammed from a company called offering sale price Barbour jackets. Site still exists and probably continuing to rip off people. How can you get this reported and shutdown?
Will get money back after 30 days from credit company but thats not the point. On a casual glance site looks OK but when on further inspection when goods didn’t arrive it now looks a scam and I’m so angry at getting taken in by it.

Zara Says:

I also have fallen for it, doh! Thankfully i think i paid on my credit card so hopefully i can get my money back. Lesson learned! :-(

Anna Says:

Me too. I have just called the phone number Scott left and they are sending me a tracking number…..

Emilie CHESSE Says:

Oh dear! I wish I had found this information before! I placed an order on on the 5th January for a Man Barbour Jacket and still haven’t received it. I already email them twice (sale but nobody replied. I called the number given above (Thanks for that!) but they said they needed the transaction number and that they cannot recognise the order number I gave them, and then that I needed to call back because they had a problem with their IT system… Don’t know what to do now! Has anybody received their jacket now or is it definitely a spam website?! Thanks for your help! Emilie If you paid by credit card, contact the card company and you’ll get yuur money back. If you paid by debit card, it looks like you’ve lost your money, but try them anyway. B

patricia Says:

I too have been ripped off by this company. This is not fair. I saved up for a long time for this coat; I sent 4 emails with no reply at all. I contacted my bank they are going to do what they can. I cancelled my order, but they still took my money and we got no goods at all this needs stopping. I am furious I emailed them to ask if I could use paypal as my payment, with no reply, but they took my money anyway. Contacted the police about also, but they said my bank will contact them after investigating my case.

Dave Mellors Says:

I’ve been given the run around now for over a month. Told me they had delivered it weeks ago to an address in Scotland, I live in Derbyshire. Said they would resend but never have. Now they do not respond to any emails.

Zoe Says:

Does anybody have the number. I tried the one above but it’s now dead , I too got ripped off :(

Jenny Says:

just tired to call the +442033185172. it seems person on the other end is hanging up on me. yeah does anyone else have another number to call? also by “contacting your credit card company” do you mean the +44 people? HELP! first time I got ripped off on the internet and it sucks!! :(

Ronald Says:

The prices looked fantastic. So much so, I knew it had to be fraudulent. Upon further review I went to their customer service/’contact us’ link and noticed that there is no phone number and the inbedded email contact imbedded was “salebarbour@”. When a supposed business has no phone number and/or an email account through a different website, in particular a free public site, be very suspicious.

Evan Owen Says:

There are only one or two websites that have permission to use the trademark “Barbour”, the rest are all scammers.

Lauren Says:

I ordered a jacket from on Friday. Everything seemed legit until the payment went thorugh. there was no confirmation email or tracking device. I emailed them to ask when I was likley to receive it and the response I got back read “it will be you soon” This doesnt even make sense in English!!!
I called my bank and cancelled my card, I need to give the company 1 5 days to send me a jacket before they can dispute the case and refund my money.

So now I am left without a bank card until next week and £100 down until at least 1 days. I’m sorry to hear that, Lauren, but at least you’ll get your money back and you’ve now learned two valuable lessons: If it seems to good to be true, it is and always check to see if there are any reviews on an online company before placing an order :)

Basic bank accounts Says:

Very excellent post, i’m currently in the process of considering bankruptcy|applying for bankruptcy|declaring bankruptcy} because i have no other choice I’m also looking at no credit check banking. Why is this of interest to me or my readers? BM

Sam Says:

I have been tricked, payed over £100 for a Barbour Sports Jacket. Got sent a piece of rubbish shell jacket, will ring my credit card company.

Steve Simmons Says:

Started off with, My security systems did not pick up anything untoward. Paid £155 odd for Barbour Jacket.
Got initial confirmation from with n order number. I checked my online bank account - The payment (including a transaction charge went to in Beijing. CN
I have emailed and received fast responses. They claim it is not them and they have not received any money.
It all seems too loose and too clever, so have asked my bank.
I could not log onto “my account” with any of the Barbour-Jacketshop sites and emails were undelivered. On entering their website info a fifth time, it changed instantly to I got a two email replies first advising goods already on way from UK warehouse and then another with a Chinese EMS Tracking number. All crap meant to stall me and give them a few extra hours for my payment to clear in China. All so they can extract the cash there. I don’t expect to get anything back, so I’ve given all my info to the real Barbour UK. Had no response fro the UK bank as yey, but basically if you authorise a debit card transaction online, you’re on your own if nothing arrives.
That outfit out in China appear to have no scruples whatsoever, what I do find very worrying is that it is actually a very convincing set up. Even the numbers of people currently logged on elsewhere is constantly changing. (press F5 and see it change by the second).
It is a very clever set up obviously done by highly computer literate thieves. Someone has spent a lot of time setting it up and they are constantly monitoring it. My payment went to Beijing, so I doubt that it’s a fag packet set up. Until the web whizz kid good guys get on to the scam, they will no doubt keep robbing.
I cancelled my cards, emptied my bank account and changed passwords etc. My bank is also monitoring. via their contact email I promised a very large stock order once I received the first item. I got an email reply to that, offering discounts “of course” amazingly though, my reply, which I attached to their email could not be sent.
I’m sure there are thousands of people worldwide, getting ripped off daily by these unscrupulous shysters. I hope that they get their just payback. I decided to take my own advice and went to an official local Barbour shop in the UK. I paid top whack, but at least I got what I wanted

Alison Hardie Says:

Ordered brown ward coat from these people and should have been alerted as they only accept credit cards. Confirmation emails etc. Delivered by DHL today however I find the item has morphed into a nasty fake Barbour green nylon jacket. I tried to reply to their confirmation email. Guess what? It doesn’t exist. is also on the confirmation email - can’t raise that either.

I have sent an email to their other address - barbourjacketonlines@ & so far received no reply

Avoid like the plague.

Now contacting my card supplier to cancel or retrieve the payment and make sure no further payments have been taken.

Feeling like a complete idiot. Don’t beat yourself up, Alison. Your card company should give you your money back and other than embarrassment, you have come out of it fairly unscathed. :) I would say, however, to be on the safe side, cancel your credit card, as you never know if this is just a one-off scam. It does show, however, you don’t have to be stupid to be taken in by these people - it can happen to the best of us :) BM

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