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I received a scare-mongering email from Namesco ( today. They are trying to scare me into parting with no less than £79.99 for a useless .xxx TLD (Top level domain). Namesco are pointing out that the new porn domain extension, .xxx is available and are suggesting that you need to buy it to “protect your domains from being associated with adult material”. SHAME ON YOU NAMESCO.

This is NAMESCO propaganda aimed at screwing domain name owners out of their cash. Don’t get me wrong. I like Namesco. In fact, I use Namesco regularly and would recommend them as one of the good guys in the domain registration field. I’m not happy, however, at them trying to bully me into buying a worthless domain name as a safeguard against being associated with a porn site.

Here is the content of the email:

Subject: XXX domain Name is here: Protect
From: Namesco []


The NEW .XXX Global Top Level Domain launched today and to protect your domains from being associated with adult material in this NEW extension, you can register domain names like to stop others from doing so.

This new extension is dedicated to the adult entertainment industry and aims to safeguard both its members and the general public. All live websites resolving in the .XXX domain will contain adult content, but if you register your domain as a Non-Member of the Adult Sponsored Community, it will not resolve and visitors will see a blank page.

Why Register .XXX with

Securing your domain name in the .XXX extension is essential if you want to prevent others from using your domain names in this new Adult Content space. You can protect the image of your website and brand by registering an equivalent domain in the .XXX extension. When you make a defensive registration, your domain will be blocked for others to use. Nobody will be able to put any content on this website, and you will prevent your domain name from being associated with adult entertainment.

Like all the useless domain names that came before it, like .eu,,, .ws, they are no threat to your website or your ranking positions in Google. Just because somebody buys, doesn’t mean that all of a sudden Google will think that Tesco now has a porn site, will they? So if that’s the case, Namesco, why would it be the case with my websites? Google will likely ignore the .xxx TLD domain names, or at least mark them down in the algorithm so that they don’t appear anywhere of any relevance in the Google index. Website owners that buy a .xxx domain name are simply painting a target on their site, for the Google algorithm team to pick them off at will!

Interestingly enough, at the time of writing, Namesco haven’t secured NAMESCO.XXX, yet they own the other domain extensions for the term - the important ones, like and Not exactly practicing what they are preaching, are they :).

Update: (Please note’s response in the comments section below, as it would seem that although it was shown as available on the Namesco site and on 123 Reg, it isn’t. (confused? yep me too, but Namesco have explained it below, so check it out :)

It’s only my personal opinion, but if you receive the Namesco email, trying to scare you into buying a .xxx domain name, don’t worry about it and don’t waste your money. may genuinely be under the impression that everyone needs a .xxx extension for their business, to protect them from porn barons stealing their positions and wrecking their good names, but it’s not something I’ll be doing anytime soon.

2 Responses to “Namesco .xxx domain TLD email pitch”

Namesco Says:

Hi Kenkai

The .xxx extension has been a pretty controversial launch and it has been more than 10 years in the pipeline with ICANN taking a long time to agree the mandate of this domain and the complex way that it is being managed.

We inform our customers of most new Domain opportunities (for example, .fr (France) restrictions being relaxed this week and so we’ll be getting in touch with businesses to let them know about this too). It’s never our intention to ‘push’ customers into purchasing any product that won’t suit their needs; however we do feel that it’s important to give customers the choice. Because .xxx is an unusual Top Level Domain, we felt it appropriate to raise awareness and we’ve created specific content in our website to help educate a bit more, because registration criteria are very different to standard Top level Domains. The choice about what domain extensions to protect in a business portfolio will differ according to the needs and requirements of that business.

For example, has actually been blocked under the Sunrise B period as one of our brands we are protecting. Whois information is not available from the Registry until 08th December and at that point the domain availability search will show it has already been removed from the registration pool of available domains.
Conversely, is a brand identity that we wanted to protect; however the domain was already taken by the .xxx Registry and so this is something that we won’t have the opportunity to reserve.

We actually have a team of advisors in house who work alongside customers to provide online brand protection support and who help businesses define their most appropriate domains to protect … because none of us can afford to protect them all. During 2012 Global Top Level Domain deregulation will mean that the market is flooded with new extensions and there will be even more discussion about which Internet spaces brands should occupy. Our intention will be to inform our customer base of any new extensions so our customers can decide for themselves.

We’re always happy to get feedback about our communications and it’s no surprise that such a controversial extension as .xxx is causing healthy debate. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to reply to my wee post and to give insight into the reason behind the email pitch, as well as more information on the .xxx TLD. It’s good to know that there are still some companies that are interested enough to clarify their emails, when some healthy criticism is aimed at an email they send out. As mentioned previously, I regularly use Namesco, in fact, I promote the company to visitors on my site. I was simply giving my opinion to readers, who after reading the email, felt that they had no choice but to go out and spend £79.99 on a domain name, because if they didn’t, their ratings were going to go down the toilet. That’s not the case and I wanted to make that point. Thanks again for commenting on my blog :) BM

Dream Girl Says:

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