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Dolidh Young - Google+ hot listOccasionally when I post stuff, I get asked to talk about specific topics for my next post… +Scott Bee asked what the Google plus hot list was… so… What’s Hot on Google+ … here we go ^_^

This is how I see it:

The Hotlist is a great new feature on G+, if you want to find out what’s been happening on Google+ that people have been chatting and sharing about.

Google plus posts that have high interaction counts (more +1’s, comments and shares) that have been talked about recently are now listed in a couple places on Google+.

So what does the G+ Hot List mean for me?

Well, that depends on how you use your Google+ account and whether you want to find new posts and new people to circle. The Google Plus Hot List features the top current posts and quick, easy ways of seeing, (hopefully!), new and interesting content that you haven’t necessarily viewed already, especially if you don’t have very many people adding to your G+ main stream or you’ve just joined Google+.

Where do I get to see this magical What’s Hot list?

There’s two places you can see the G+ What’s hot list. Firstly, if you look on your main stream, you should see the list on the left hand side… underneath the list of your circles and streams. (I’ve posted a photo below)

What's Hot List Link

There’s a spiffy link to an expandable list. It has a More link at the bottom of the list that comes up like a stream.The second place you can see the other What’s hot section is at the bottom of your stream (around about where the first More link would be, but it automatically loads more up). This means that when you scroll down and get more posts, it could look like the middle of the stream for you if you’ve been browsing your stream for a while.

Dolidh - Whats hot on Google PlusA quick way of finding it is using the shortcut for searching things on your browser (ie. On a windows machine, it’s generally Ctrl + F) and search for ‘What’s hot on Google+’ It’ll soon pop up as you scroll through the page. Although this second area will only show one post at a time, with a little bar that you can flick through the top 8 by clicking on the < and > link buttons to the top right hand side. (There’s also a handy little link to the main Hot page as a header at the top)

How do I get onto the Google Plus Hot List?

To appear on the Google+ Hot List, simply post re-sharable, interesting and engaging G+ content where people want to show your G+ post off, comment like mad and generally like the post. *Fingers crossed*, you’ll be jumping out of your circle and into the hot list in no time! You can also help others that you think should be on there too by generally engaging with the content that you think’s interesting. Google+ is all about the sharing, innit?

2 Responses to “Google Plus What’s Hot List”

Tamara Says:

Great tips. Each and every day I learn new things about G+, I really don’t understand why so many People stay on FB.
BTW G+ gets more votes than FB on

naser Says:

hi would u please tell me what is the algorithm of google plus for choosing a post for hot list because sometimes i see a post with a few plus and reshares or comments that it’s on hotlist. of course in persian hotlist tnk u. I have no access to the actual algorythm - nobody has - but the posts that appear are generating the most +1s and reshares over a set period. The posts also don’t tend to be negative or anti-google, so there are likely some negative words in the algorythm to weed those out. I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of a “Persian Hotlist” so I’m not sure what you are asking there. BM

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