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I wrote an article the other day about domain name spammers - people selling worthless domain names for exorbitant prices via spam email. That article was concerning a domain, which at least has some value, but I got one through today, that I just couldn’t believe!

The seller appears to be a legitimate site, acting as a domain name reseller and it appears to have some good quality domains available. The spam pitch I got today, offered me for £625! The domain name email suggested that this is a prime domain name, that will drive extra business your way, because  it will give you greatly enhanced search positions, all of which are out and out untruths. is  NOT a prime domain name.  will NOT drive extra business your way will NOT give you greatly enhanced search positions addresses are worthless for optimisation purposes in most cases, certainly in the UK. is particularly worthless, as the .com and the addresses are already owned by someone else. On top of that they have affiliate style websites on them. You are unlikely to find them in the search engines though, as the suggestion that the domain name automatically gives to positions on the search engines is absolute nonsense - even the .com and the, they do not appear anywhere for the term promotional advertising!

I’m not writing this to have a pop at the person who wrote to me or the company involved; he is entitled, by law, to sell his goods and services at whatever price he wants to. He is fully entitled to put whatever value he wants on the domain name he sells. The email is carefully crafted to suggest that this will bring you extra traffic, irrespective of the site attached to it, the quality of the site and your investment in SE, but doesn’t come straight out and say so, so again, the company are not breaking the law by sending this email out, and they are fully entitled to do so.

His line that, “This is the very first time since 1996 that the domain has ever been available on the open market“. would suggest that it has just become available. According to WHOIS, it has NEVER been owned by anyone before and that the company concerned bought it 7 days ago for around £15. However if he had said, ” Nobody wanted this domain name since 1996, so we bought it for £15 a week ago and we want you to pay £625 for it“, it probably wouldn’t have the same effect :) .

My whole intention in writing this article is to point out to my readers that these domain name reseller spammers are on the increase and domains such as promotional are worth £15 a pop, which is what you would pay for them new and not the ridiculous, (in my opinion), fee of £625.

The email details:

Dear Sirs,

We are selling the domain name

This is the very first time since 1996 that the domain has ever been available on the open market.

Most of our clients are now finding that prime domains such as this pay for themselves within weeks rather than months by virtue of the extra business that they drive to their websites by means of type in traffic and greatly enhanced search engine positions.

The domain is currently on sale for just £625.00

Would you like to go ahead with this?

If you have received a similar spam email from domain name resellers, trying to sell domains for highly inflated prices, send us a comment.

2 Responses to “ is available”

The person that offered the domain name Says:

I would advise you to remove this slander, (don’t you mean libel?) as our legal team have already issued a letter this morning (formal) which should be with you by tomorrow morning. It was good to chat to you earlier today and thanks for agreeing that there is no actual libel in the article, but as you have asked me to remove references to you and your company, I’m more than happy to do so. There was no need to go to the expense of hiring a solicitor, all you had to do was call. :) As promised, I have removed all mention of your name and your company from the blog article. I wish you every future success with your business. :) BM

Steve Says:

Hi there, I am trying to understand the purpose of the article. I would have thought it was fairly self explanitory. I was pissed of at continually receiving spam from people trying to sell me a pig-in-a-poke and wanted to raise awareness, so that even if one person that reads the blog article, doesn’t fall for the sales pitch and wastes hundreds of quid on a worthless domain name, I feel I’ve helped someone. I hope that explains why I wrote it Steve? :) BM

Yes there are company`s selling`s and`s via email , on some of them the name sounds good but when you drill down quickly into G`s Keyword Tool you find was it 63 exacts. That’s not the point, Steve. 63 exact matches per month could still lead to a couple of contacts that could lead to valuable sales, so a one-off investment of £625 may have proved worth it, if all you had to do was buy the domain name, point it at a site and automatically get first page positioning. As you well know - and particularly with a non .com or name - that is not the case.

I dont know it you were mentioning the domain as it was a or low search volume. Read the article again and it should become clear, combined with my comments above.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I am sure there are many people who purchased a moben kitchen at over inflated prices through good presentation and salesmanship, its part of life. Of course there are. However, these people still had a good looking, functional kitchen that did what it said on the tin. They invested in an attractive, functional kitchen, which is what they got. It’s what they were told they would get. They didn’t buy a fully fitted kitchen and find that what they actually got was a drawer liner :) They didn’t buy a domain name that the pitch suggested was a premium name that would bring them more traffic just by owning the domain name :)

I sell domains and websites. In fact, I just sold on Sedo for £300. Does that make me a bad person :) Of course it doesn’t. You are not sending out spam that suggests they are buying something that will do something for them that simply is not the case. There’s nothing wrong with selling domain names for any price, unless you told the people that bought it that they would automatically appear on the front page of Google for the term, “Floor Tiles”, without a lot of hard work, and investment in their site. :)

I think would should be done here if you don’t mind me saying so, is educating your readers ie why not to buy that particular domain and the reasons why, (Read the article again, I feel I did that). I agree with your statements for is NOT a prime domain name, will NOT drive extra business your way, will NOT give you greatly enhanced search positions.

It looks like you are being negative on for the inexperienced in the game, as stated if you could mention why you think that particular name is crap, then it would help others. I did. There are two articles. The first is linked to from the second. I went into more detail there. I’d be interested to know - the version of your domain name is availabe, why haven’t you bought that and stuck a site on it, if it has any value? :)

By the way would you consider a prime domain name?? Warm Wishes Steve. It depends what you are asking. A domain name is only as good as the site attached to it and the work and link-building that goes into building the site. You can’t compare a domain name that is attached to a site that has been worked on, optimised and linked to since April 2004, to the kind of domain name I was referring to in the above article, that had been created a few days prior to being sold. One is a possible investment and the other is worth only few pounds it cost earlier in the week. Can you point me to any domain name, where there is already established .com domain names in the market place, that has any non geographic positions in the first page of Google, within the first 6 months of being created. I seriously doubt it. I’ve looked at your site Steve and you clearly preach from the same hymn book as me. Do you think that is a good domain name. It’s availabe for a few pounds - let’s see you, or anybody getting anywhere on Google with that for the term Buy to Let mortgages :) BM

Thanks for taking the time to comment Steve.

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