EBay to launch keyword advertising

EBay Keyword Advertising System

Although this information is strictly not related to Search Engine Optimisation, I feel that it will trigger a new speight of adsense type sites that will be optimised to the nth degree to take advantage of this system.

At a software conference in Las Vegas, Michael van Swaaij, Ebay’s chief strategy officer, announced that eBay will be moving into Google and Yahoo’s marketplace for keyword advertising.

The system is to be called AdContext and is sure to prove popular with Blog sites and Adsense/Mirago type sites,¬†as eBay intend to share a cut of their profit on the product sale price. Although he didn’t go into any details, I would imagine that eBay will charge the auction advertisers for the service, so eBay are in a win/win situation with this AdContext system.

Ebay are one of the biggest advertisers on Google and Yahoo and the big two won’t be best pleased that eBay have entered the contextual advertising marketplace. If the eBay AdContext system proves to be successful, which I would bet it will, eBay will become an even more attractive proposition for Microsoft to move in and snap them up. It’s got to happen eventually, hasn’t it!

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