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John from Aveley in Essex asks: How important is Google Pagerank to a UK site? I read all sorts of different opinions about the importance of Pagerank to ranking well  in the Google index, but I have never seen anything on the forums about UK PageRank - or is it Page Rank? I’m never sure. So, you seem to know a bit about this, as your Pagerank table is ranked number one in Google, and seems to be the one quoted by most of the guys on the forums, just how important is Google PR in the UK?

Thanks for your question John. Firstly, correctly written it’s PageRank, but you’ll find it written as Page Rank, pagerank and even page-rank, so it’s not something to worry about. I wrote a wee article about PR back in 2009 and the content is still accurate today, check it out Google Toolbar PR.  

Google PR Rankings UK

I the PR article above, I answer your question in the last paragraph section - If you are targeting a UK market with your website, Toolbar Google PR is not of major importance to ranking in It is often possible to grab numerous page one positions in the UK version of Google, with a well optimised web page, without worrying about achieving PageRank, or hundreds of incoming links - and if you don’t have inbound links - you don’t have Page Rank. A few good incoming links will certainly help, but whether your site has a toolbar PageRank of 2 or 3, it’s the links that are important - not PR.

Links ARE important, but don’t worry about achieving high PageRank. The Kenkai site has been as high as PR7 in it’s time, with all of the internal pages being PR5 and since I stopped fretting about PR, it has dropped to PR3 with internal pages of between PR3 and PR0 and you know what? I have more page one positions and more traffic than I ever had when I was PR7!

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