Themed Link Building Explained

Lat week, I received an offer from a content writer, of an original blog article on Themed link building, in exchange for a link to Mark Barry’s website. It seemed a good offer to me, so here it is - Themed link building by Mark Barry:  

If you have a website, then ranking it high in the organic (unpaid) search results, on the biggest search engine Google, will drive significant traffic volumes, meaning a greater ROI for money spent on Internet marketing and with any SEO companies you might be employing. At the moment, relevant anchor text links from someone else’s site to your web pages is still deemed to be important for Google to attribute importance and authority to your site. It is also thought that themed link building, where one way links come from sites that are related in topics, subject or genres may add extra weight to those links.

Themed link building has become a bit of a buzz word with many SEO companies at the moment and is being pushed hard as a quick and more reliable way to ensure decent back-links to a web page. The title is arguably unnecessary and a bit of an anathema. This is just sensible link building pure and simple. Of course the links must not come from what is known as a link farm or a ‘bad’ neighbourhood. By this we mean it should not come from a disparate collection of web pages that have been written specifically for the purpose of providing one way links merely for the purpose of ranking the linked to site.

Themed Link Building Advantages

Themed link building has many advantages in the eyes of Google. Of course in setting up these links, there needs to be sufficient variation in anchor text and in fact in their style, to make them appear natural, together with a steady flow rather than a mass influx of links over a short period. Page rank of these links is today less important than the actual link itself. This is because although many sites are high PR, this often applies only to the home page, unless they are established or significantly aged sites and internal pages. If the post or page containing your link is linked from the front page of the link partner’s site then it should confer some “link juice”, but it is ultimately the anchor text link and the subject theme of the partner’s site that is vital.

Of course, the practice of themed link building is only one weapon in the ranking armoury and you need to engage in a variety of activity streams in order to ensure long term sustainability for your web pages within the search listings. With the recent Panda update, it is clear that things are changing fast at Google. Previously held notions and the many pervasive myths in the SEO industry such as keyword density and rankings over total traffic may well be diminishing in importance. But for Google to change one of the most key parts of its ranking algorithm may take many years yet

For now, solid one way link building and themed link building in particular, remains an essential and important ranking factor for your website and pages, providing it is carried out properly and is combined with appropriate, relevant and superb website site content than stands out in comparison to that of your competitors.

and End.

Quite and interesting article, but it’s more aimed at websites looking at a worldwide audience. The bit about sufficient variation in anchor text is sound advice, but 20 links from 20 different sites is more valuable if they all have the same anchor text, than all having different anchor text. However, the article is correct if Mark is talking about 500 links all coming in with the same anchor text - you’d want to vary them somewhat!

I’d also point out that if you are looking at a UK audience, link-building will boost your terms in the ranking, but having a well optimised, well coded site is just, if not more important. You still require incoming links in Google UK - and themed links are important - but you don’t need to concentrate so much on link building for a UK audience than you do for a worldwide one. As if to prove this statement, this article went to number one for the term, Themed Link Building Explained, in Google UK, within 1 minute of being published, without any incoming links at all. It’s also on the front page of Google for dozens of other search terms. I simply optimised Mark’s article to target the term, without relying on incoming links.

Themed link building has it’s place, but a good quality link from a site that is not themed to yours, it still a powerful weapon in your SEO arsenal. I would take a PR5 link from B & Q or Manchester United Football Club ahead of a PR1 link from an Indian web design company anytime!

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Mark waugh Says:

Pretty good posting just what I was looking for. Yeah…the practice of themed link building is only one weapon in the ranking armoury and you need to engage in a variety of activity streams in order to ensure long term sustainability for your web pages within the search listings.

Kristin Atkinson Says:

I have to TOTALLY disagree with the comment above that suggests a PR5 from a completely unrelated site is more powerful than a themed link - any sites content that has little or no semantically related content to your own site is NOT adding value to the user of either website - give me a PR0 link on a ‘theme’ related website any day - tried and tested period. With the greatest respect to you and your knowledge of SEO, I have been successful in this business for twelve years and Ive seen every theory come and go from the gumflappers on the SEO Forums. Are you seriously suggesting that a PR5 link from Manchester United, is not a better link than a PR1 link from an Indian web design company - even if you are a web design company? If you are, you need to go back to the drawing board and start learning your trade again and need to think twice about letting you comment on professional blogs, or in fact, giving SEO advice to their clients. I do agree, that a PR5 link from Big Mouth Media is a better link for Kenkai than a PR5 link from Manchester United, BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT I SAID IN THE BLOG ARTICLE. Have a fine day Kristin :)

Kristin Atkinson Says:

I think I should have added the words ” high quality content driven UK based” before the words ‘theme related” to explain myself properly! When you open a blog comment with “I totally disagree with blah, blah” it’s usually best to state your case in a manner that makes sense and that proves your argument. Apology accepted :) BM

James Gilchrist Says:

Hi, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your website in Safari, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, fantastic blog! What version of explorer are you using James - 6? BM

Marybeth Kitelinger Says:

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