Idiot Spammer of the Day -

I opened my blog inbox to find that I had 20 comments left from yesterday. Four were legitimate comments on articles and the rest were from comment spammers, hoping to get a dofollow link back to their site. One of these spamtwats,, hit me with six different spam comments, on six different articles, all saying “sounds like a great thing that is happening”.


Two¬†things - if the owner of is checking up his successes¬† - Firstly, do you honestly think that sending the same banal spam comment to six different articles on the same blog wasn’t going to be noticed by a blog owner? Secondly, you forgot to publish your website!

After spending time spamming blogs left, right and centre, isn’t even live on the net! What a muppet!

It’s for that reason that the owner of wins the title of “Idiot spammer of the day!”

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Fish Mounts Says:

Those people who post those six different articles are using spambot software. It’s all done on autopilot. I would suggest using the GASP plug-in for WordPress to stop the comment spam. It uses Javascript protection and will stop comment spam dead in it’s tracks. Lots of blogs are switching over to it now.

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