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It’s hard enough trying to work out what Froogle is called these days, after it changing to Google Base and then onto Google Merchant,  (although to confuse matters, Google Merchant is called Google Shopping when customer-facing!0 What the hell was wrong with Froogle! Anyway, back to the point - we couldn’t find anywhere on the net, that was easily accessible that showed a list of categories on Google Merchant UK, or the “Taxonomy” as the hierarchical list is called. Our Dolly decided to find it and wrote about it in her blog and I thought it may be of some interest to our clients and readers of the blog, so here it is:

From Dolly’s blog: “OK, when dealing with Google product type taxonomy, it seems that the only link that seems to be out there for any sort of indication is the US link: (US English)

This doesn’t really really help with us over in the UK, so my brother Andy (kudos to him) decided to try to figure out if they had a British version… in fact it’s Great British…. referred to in:

It’s there and it’s different than Google’s US Category Taxonomy list (just check the bottom of both. The US one has Vehicles & Parts, yet the UK Category list finishes at Toys & Games.

So I decided to poke the google server with a big stick (using details from and ) and managed to come out with a wee list of taxonomy categories for the UK and other languages/countries. Huzzah!

So, here’s the Product type taxonomy list that I came up with - you’ll need the character set installed on your computer to be able to see them all without seeing gobbledygook:
(UK English)
(US English)
(People’s Republic of China)

The original article can be viewed on Dolly’s Blog.

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