Credit Card Overdue Email Scam

I received a Credit Card Overdue phishing scam email this morning, so I thought I’d stick a quick warning up, as some people may be be tempted to click on the attached zip file.

The credit card overdue email details:

Subject: Credit Card Overdue
From: Notification robot []
Attachment: Customer (12KB)

Credit Card Overdue

Dear Client,

Your Credit Card is one-week overdue. Below is your Card Information

Customer Number : 8690384315
Card Limit ($): 3500
Pay Date: 27 JUN 2011

Attached is Your Credit Card Statement, if You pay the debt within 2 days, there will be no extra-charges. In 2 days $25 late fee and a finance charge will be imposed on your account.

If You have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you receive a credit card overdue scam email, don’t open the zip file, simply delete it out of your machine and get on with your day. If you get another version of the email, we’d appreciate it if you could take a couple of minutes to leave a comment with the details. Thanks

11 Responses to “Credit Card Overdue Email Scam”

D. Miller Says:

I received the same email, although it wasn’t showing an attachment. It did appear in the properties section that there was a file included, but I’m not computer savy enough to know if that means in addition to the email or not. Either way, I’ve trashed it.

Melissa Weissman Says:

These messages have been coming to my work email address, so the spam filter is stopping them from showing up in my in box.

Credit Card Overdue
6/28/2011 11:19 am

Required Says:

Hey, I received this scam mail too, a few days ago. The customer number was different though - 7877914702.

Jennifer Says:

I received one as well, I’m sixteen and dont even have a credit card! The sender was I’m deleting it now.

Ryan Says:

They tend to send 2 or 3 in a row (on consecutive days) and then they will send you the zip file. This is the same as a UPS notification scam. Just keep deleting and never open the zip file.

Kevin Dodd Says:

I have received two of these.

On the 2nd occasion I opened the zip file attached and all I could see was gobbledegook!

I’m using a Mac, so if was a PC program I don’t think I’ll be affected?

What is it?

Rachel Says:

I have recieved 1-2 of these every day for the last week at my work email. I don’t know how to stop it! Each time it’s from a slightly different email address but always and the customer # has changed with each email too. I uploaded the .zip attachment to and of the 50 or so antivirus programs that scanned the file, 40 found malware in the attachment. I’m safe from these, as I work on a Mac at work and all the viruses were targeted to PC’s but DON’T OPEN THE ATTACHMENT, YOU WILL GET INFECTED!

Fred Says:

Me too. I also got an IRS Notification that looked very dodgy . Do not open atachments

Martyn Jones Says:

I received a similar email on the 27th from a “Notification Robot”.
Luckily the attachment wasn’t attached on the IPad and Norton Antivirus detected that the attachment had a virus on the PC. However the message also appeared to be cc’d to individuals, who I didn’t know, with similar email addresses to myself.
Hope this helps and that there aren’t further consequences.

Iiiiii Says:

I received this email too. Do not answer that email as the scammer may find your coordinates and charge you for real.

binary option Says:

Thank you for sharing this. Thanks you are welcome, Mr Option :)

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