MSN DMOZ Opt-out

MSN DMOZ Opt-out Meta Tag

So you have spent hours getting the optimisation right on your website, you land yourself a front page position and then overnight, your page disappears from sight? Why? Often it is because MSN, Google or Yahoo choose to replace your well optimised title and description with the edited title and description on DMOZ (the ODP) or the Yahoo directory listing. How annoying is that!

Several of my clients have suffered this injustice over the years, so I know what a pain it is to try and get the search engines to drop the directory listing and re-recognise the index page in the SERPs.

MSN to the rescue

MSN are the first of the majors to offer webmasters an opt-out from using DMOZ titles and descriptions in their organic listings. It comes in the form of a meta tag:

<meta name=”robots” content=”noodp”>

Simply add the tag within the head element in your source code and the next time MSN spider your site, they should read the instruction and cancel any DMOZ listings of your site in the organic searches.

It’s good to see that MSN care enough to introduce the DMOZ opt-out meta tag - lets hope that Yahoo and Google follow suit soon.

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