IB Locked - HSBC Phishing Scam

This is just a quick one - I received a phishing spam email this morning telling me my HSBC IB account was locked. It’s a poorly crafted piece of scam spam, but there will be some people that are unsure. The Internet Banking┬áLocked scam notice reads:

Subject: IB Locked

From: H-S-B-C [notice@ hsbcarena.com]

Attachment: Confirm my Identity Form # 0049200102.htm

Dear Customer,

Your IB access has been locked (multiple failed log-in attempts).

To unlock your IB, please complete the attached document.

For any inquiries, contact Customer Service.

Please do not reply to this message.

HSBC 2011

As I said previously, the IB Locked scam email is poorly crafted and seems to me to obviously be a scam, but if writing this article stops even one person from giving away their account access details to these conning spamtwats, it has done its job!

If you receive a similar HSBC spam email, leave a comment - particularly if it varies in content from the above. Thanks, :)

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