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I received several Facebook scam emails this morning. Thers spam emails all had the heading - Off posted on your Wall Re: 77% OFF PRICES ID049433 - and the sender was Facebook Doctor Anderson Walsh. There are several facebook links on the email, which are, in fact, linked to medicaqci.ru. I haven’t followed the link, so no idea if it just takes you to an advertising page, it spoofs facebook to grab your username and password, or if it unleashed a worm or some other kind of malware into your machine. If you receive an Off posted on your Wall Re: 77% OFF PRICES Facebook email don’t follow any of the links either - simply delete it and move on with your day!

The email reads:

From:  Facebook Doctor Anderson Walsh [fbmessage+Allegra@facebookmail.com]

Subject: Off posted on your Wall Re: 77% OFF PRICES ID049433

ELVIRA Jarrett sent a message to the members of Allegra.

ELVIRA Jarrett March 20, 2011 at 3:23amSubject: Re: 77% OFF PRICES ID049433Re: 77% OFF PRICES ID049433


You have 4 new notifications. Visit Facebook now to see what’s happening with your friends.
To reply to this message, follow the link below:http://www.facebook.com/n/?inbox=readmessage.php&t=

Find people from your Yahoo! address book on Facebook!

The message was sent to bigman@kenkai.co.uk. If you don’t want to receive these emails
from Facebook in the future, please follow the link below to unsubscribe.
kWbPen8qSDCghTbPs6L2HOVMwf Facebook, Inc. P.O. Box 10047, Palo Alto, CA 95390

If you receive a similar Facebook phishing spam email, delete it and if it is slightly different to the one above, take a minute and drop us a comment so others don’t get caught out. Thanks.

2 Responses to “Facebook scam spam”

Facebook Page Management Says:

The method used to arrive at that conclusion does not seem to be scientifically sound. I… I realise you are simply a spambastard and not deserving of any level of courtesy, but as I’m a nice chappie, you should know that the link that you supplied in your spam comment, doesn’t render correctly :) BM

Facebook Page Management Spammer Says:

Facebook Page Management…

Today is my mother’s birthday and you’ve given me a special post to share with her…. You miserable bugger! You’re giving your mother a post on someone else’s blog, about a facebook scam email for her birthday? You really are a thoughful son that a mother can be proud of! You’ll be giving spammers a bad name! :)

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