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One of the numerous reasons that we don’t, as a rule, accept optimisation projects for ASP or ASPX websites, is that the URLs are not usually search-engine friendly and URL rewrites in ASP are a pain in the proverbial! If you have landed yourself with an ASP website and you are getting nowhere in the search engines and don’t have the budget to move over to a search engine friendly PHP or HTML website, there is some light at the end of the tunnel for you - at least in the URL rewriting on an ASP website is concerned! have launched their ASP URL rewriting software attractIT. URL rewriting software 

The URL rewrite software allows you to offer the search angines a more natural looking URL, easily replacing the long, dynamic ASP URL, with a short, optimised URL. So instead of a URL like, the URL could read  Not only does it look better and is more user-friendly than the dynamic URL.

Another example or a URL rewrite: could become Which version do you think the search engines would like better? The fact that the first URL isn’t cached in the search engines is the clue………. :)

So if you are stuck with an ASP site and you want to help it in the search engines, you could do a lot worse than check out’s ASP URL rewriting kit. What does it do and what does it cost? I’ll leave the nice people at Eskdale to tell you that. Follow this link: ASP URL rewrite software

Why, when I’m such a fervent non-believer in ASP and as languages for optimisation, am I promoting Eskdale’s rewriting software? If I’m totally honest, a really impressive young woman called Donna Wilkinson, who works with Eskdale, approached me regarding the software. I was fairly off-hand in my initial response and she handled my rather rude rejection in a manner that impressed me, so I offered to do a quick write-up on attractIT, the Eskdale URL re-write software, to give them a link and see if I couldn’t back up my claim that PHP is best by taking the article up the search engines quickly and without any links pointing at the page.

So, to summarise - if you have an ASP website, which isn’t performing, one of the reasons could be because of the search-engine-unfriendly dynamic URLS. If you want to improve your lot by making the ASP URLs friendlier, check out’s attractIT rewrite software. It could be the start of a change in your online fortunes……

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