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Have you been receiving nuisance phone-calls from 02071486490, as we have, they are from a company called CCS, or Consumer Credit Services. If you receive one call from the 020 7148 6490 number, it’s likely that you have already, or will, receive dozens more phonecalls from them, as they use auto-dialling software to call around 20 numbers at a time and as soon as one is answered, the other 19 calls simply drop off, leaving everyone else answering a call with nobody on the other end. It’s bloody infuriating!

If CCS call you and you are one of the lucky ones that has someone on the end of the phone when you pick the phone up, you’ll get some sales blurb about how they can claim back the PPP insurance that you have taken out on a past loan or credit card. They also ask you to pay them money up front so they can investigate this for you.

Now, I have been unable to trace a website, so I know little about the 02071486490 callers, other than the above, but if you have any more information on CCS, such as website details, company information, details of services rendered,  whether they are legit or not, etc, etc, please leave a comment. In fact, leave a comment even if you received a call from 0207 148 6490 and there was nobody there - just to get rid of your frustration!

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Tom Hooper Says:

I just had a call from them. Didn’t answer because I’m the suspicious type and not one for answering unknown numbers! I Googled the number and found this article. Thanks for clearing things up.

Jason Says:

I’ve not long had a phone on o2 (this is a new line on a business o2 account) and I keep getting these calls. Every time it’s just silence for about 2 seconds and then the caller hangs up.

I called o2 up and they said there is nothing they can do. I’m going to try reporting the silent calls at ofcoms site at this address;


Also trying registering on the Telephone Preference Service at http://www.tpsonline.org.uk/

Kind regards,

J Says:

just had the very same call from a welsh bloke on this number, very odd probing call about insurances, asked about mortgage etc.. how much my payments were & then hung up on me, cheeky as you like - didnt even give a company name!

Bridget Says:

Just had a call and long conversation. They are suppossed to be government backed, but I can find no record of a website nor on-line confirmation of their credibility.

TK Says:

Just had a call from them, nobody on the other end. Don’t assume that if you are registered with the telephone preference service that you will not get a call from them. I am registered and still got a call.

Dorthy Says:

I just got a call from them on my work mobile, and there was a man on the other end of the phone with an Italian accent. He asked for a colleagues name (although the first name and the last name were the wrong way round) with hesitation, so I asked him if he knew which company my colleague worked for - he obviously did not, but said he was just calling to recover credit for him blabla. So I hang up immediately. It’s quite spooky that they actually know people’s names!

CD Says:

I just received a phonecall from the same number, thank goodness I didn’t give any bank details etc! The number also phoned me from the same number, except that instead of 0 as the last digit it was 7. Bloody hoaxers!

laura Says:

a few calls from this number. annoying. good to have this site tho so i have found out who it is . :)

caroline Says:

They not only know your name and telephone number but they guy on the other end of the phone read out my whole address, he siad that he wanted to help me recover monies on the loan and credit card that I had… I have neither, they only way that he could have known all my information is from orange..!! I asked him to remove my details a.s.a.p but he said he couldn’t do that as it is a government list that he was calling from, the financial database. Why do we bother trying to protect our identity from fraudsters by shredding when companies are willing to pass them on anyway.!!

I would like to get to the bottom of this as I am not very happy that he knew everything..!! Caroline they only have to look upo the phone book to get all the information that you mention above, or numerous other places where your telephone number and address are available. BM

Katherine Says:

Got a call today from someone on this number saying they were a financial investigator and I was due at £1500 reimbursement. I queried what this was for and was told it was because I took out a loan or mortgage for my address… not sure where they got their information from as I rent and have neither a loan nor a mortgage for my residential address. When I told the guy this he hung up and hasn’t called back!!!
I think they’re chancers and have reported it to Watchdog.

thomas Says:

they called me 5 min ago they told about credit insurances or something,im just drop off the phone..thank u..

Michelle Says:

I feel a bit foolish as i received the phone call in Dcember, and normally dead against anything like this. However i agreed to them as they new so much about me and sound legit with all the legal blurb they gave me. there website address is: cccs.co.uk I’m not sure that this is the same company that makes the insureance claw-back phonecalls. BM
What can i do to try and get my money back?

a foolish Michelle

S Dawson Says:

I have had these phone calls on and off for about a year now, they did stop but they started again. This was after i had got a new mobile phone contract!!
CCS Ltd are currently in the red as a company so hopefully will soon go bankrupt, but more than likely start again under another guise. They are based in Wales. The registered address is 3 MURRAY STREET, LLANELLI, CARMARTHENSHIRE SA15 1AQ
MR ROBERT EVANS is the office manager. Company Reg No: 06082721

Christine Says:

I unwittingly answered it and there was no one there but it didnt hang up so Ive left it hoping that its running up a bill for them. Its been on for about 5 minutes now. It can stay for as long as they are willing to keep it up as its an old number I dont use anymore just found the phone,charged it up and, sadly for them, they rang! :-)

Julie Says:

I was recieving several calls a day from this outfit until just before Christmas even though I’ve never had personal protection insurance the people on phone are very pushy and despite asking umpteen times to be removed from their database they say they cannot do so. I have no idea how they obtained my mobile number as it is not a number I ever give out. Some of the people are ok but others quite rude. The calls started again today and when I told the girl that I was sick of being harrassed she said that my number only came up on their database for the first time today and wouldn’t believe me when I said I have a long call log with their number on it and that I should know having been on the recieving end of these nuisance calls for 5 months now. Is there any way of stopping them???

Saddie Munthali Says:

I am glad I that today, 11/01/2011, I can also share similar experience regarding these people operating from this number 02071486490. Infact, today 11/01/2011, they phoned me from the same code but the other number ends as 1483128. Interestingly, when they claimed that they are regulated by the Ministry of Justice and that is why they can force the bank to pay and yet I had told them that my case is pending due to the legal proceedings that the British Banking Association (BBA) is involved with the FSA, FOS. When I asked them if they were aware of this, they could not say but just insisted that they will manage to claim back the money on my behalf for the PPI. They indicated that their fee charge is £239.99 as a fixed flat fee. Something was not right because most companies charge a %age fee rate. Then came the bombshell they wanted details of my credit card ti include my security numbers at the back of the card. At this point my fears were confirmed and I refused to give them. They are real SCAMS. They gave their address aS 15-16 Cowell Street, LLanelli, SA15 IUU, their customer contact number as 08445719571, Their official company registration number as CSM 20280. First it was Brian, who passed me on to a Mr Mike Arunder and a charming lady Joddie who ended up by playingback a recording. All impressive staff to fool anybody, and nearly fooled me too if they not insisted on my security numbers at the back of my card.

Shakil Says:

Hi people,
I received a call today 12/01 from the 02071486940 number 5 mins ago. I’m waiting for job agencies in London to call so thought it was them, was surprised that CCS had my number. When I questioned how they obtained it they said from a mortgage I took out, which is dubious as it’s in my wifes name. I said I was busy and to call me back later, if they do I will give them a piece of my mind. I’m also on Orange so god knows how they got it but gave them a false name.

Vetteee Says:

I’v received a call from these a-holes every day for the last couple of weeks now & it’s doing my head in! I started off being polite and saying i had no need for their services as all my finances are up-to-date and to take me off their list but still they persist. I’m on T-mobile pay-as-u-go so it’s not always contract phones that are getting these poxy calls. Grrrrrr!

Helen Smith Says:

These awful people have rung me 4 or 5 times, the last one being just now. When I got cross and told her that I’d asked previous people to stop calling, which I have, she had the nerve to say to me, “There is no need to shout”. Well, that was it then, so I said to her, “Don’t you call me at home and then tell me what to do.” She went quiet! But then started back on about the misselling of insurance. In the end I hung up.

Mark Says:

I just had a call too, sounded convincing caliming to be from Consumer Credit etc. Got a call back scheduled for 7.30 this evening. They can ask for money if they like but I have none! Perhaps they will not call me again then..

Beverly Says:

I’m sitting here gutted dont no where to turn next. I was taken in big time and im now waiting for £199.99 to be returned into my account what should I do. The same scenario came on about mis sold insurance got the paper work through post and I then decided that I didnt want to go ahead, phoned them up sent back paperwork and was told payment would get back into my account on 2nd November and Im still waiting. They gave their address aS 15-16 Cowell Street, LLanelli, SA15 IUU, their customer contact number as 08445719571, Their official company registration number as CSM 20280 and ofcourse you guess right I cant get through. What should I do any ideas Please.

sean Says:

In answer to Beverly (21/1/11) ,you could try what im doing - I first contacted trading standards and told them about ccs, they advised me to send a letter to the office of ccs and request monies back, but if some more people like minded contact trading standards, then they will have to look into these con artists and hopfully get them shut down for good. The secret is to contacting Trading standards where the company is based, rather than your local trading standards. They are more likely to take action and and there is more chance that other people have complained about them as well. BM

Danielle Says:

I keep getting silent calls from this number and also ones with Cardiff landlines, I’ve stopped answering. They’d have a hard time persuading me that I’m due a return on PPI as I’ve never had a credit card or mortgage in England having only recently returned after 20 years abroad since I was little!! Interesting how they have my details aswell and I’m with Vodafone by the way so it’s not only Orange users. I wonder if someone’s selling our details on. Wish there was some way to stop them but I’ve tried putting them on my phones reject list they just ring of other numbers which defeats the object really. If someone has a solution I’d love to know.

Beverly Says:

Thanks to Sean on 25th January i’ll try that and hopefully get these people stopped. Thank you Sean.

Michael Says:

I too have been taken in. Started back in July 2010 and despite repeated arrusances thatt the refund was on its way - still nothing. I have finally contacted the Murray Street address and said that I want refund or I will take legal action. If no deal than I will contact Werlsh Trading Standards and enclose copies of all written correspondence.

Simon Says:

I believe that they are now trading as: Claim Compensators Ltd. Address: The Grange, Vauxhall, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, SA15 3BD. Please note that I cannot confirm the accuracy of this comment, BM.

Anna Ralph Says:

I trusted this company and sent them all details of my credit cards as I had paid payment protection for a number of years. I did receive about £50 back from one card, but the one I had paid the most on… nothing. They too assured me it would be coming. I sent them all my credit card statements which have never been returned. I tried to phone them today when I discovered they have been prevented from trading. I too will have to contact Welsh trading Standards for my money back.

Amy Quant Says:

“I work for the BBC consumer programme X Ray and I’m looking into the issues raised on this page. If you’ve posted on this forum and have problems with PPI reclaim services - we’d like to hear from you.

You can reach us by phone or email. If you look up the programme on the BBC website, there’s a “Get In Touch” page with all the details you need.”

old employee Says:

OK I just would like to say that I used to work for this company. I want to appologise for anyone that was ripped off by me, but I, also going to add NO ONE had any idea how bad they really were, everyone (including our managers) were made to believe this was ligate and we were helping people, they showed how how everyone worked from beginning to end, so everyone was quite happy, then they suddenly lost their licence and changed to Claims Compensator’s ltd (CCL) now that hit a few of us as strange but it was explained to us as ” our head office has changed over to bigger and better things therefore we’ve but a stop to ccs and gone onto this) but I stopped trying at this point and started looking for another job, then just before i quit, I found out that whereas we all thought we were being taxed appropriately, the owner Grant Evans, was taking this all to himself thats when I walked out, but I am happy to help with any questions as I do now that now after numerous complaints from old employees they had their accounts shut down and frozen preventing them from carrying on, and are now under full investigation, all questions welcome. Someone sell this man a full stop! :)

sam Says:

I had a phone call from CCS back in 2009 and was told that i could claim back my PPI from Welcome Finance, i foolishly paid them a fee of £199 to go ahead and get my money back, a year and a half later i still was fighting to get it back. I then received a letter from the FSCS a few months back saying that i could claim back from them and that i should cancel my claim with CCS as they were unable to do it. i contacted CCS and explained that i no longer wanted to claim through them as the FSCS was going to do it for me, i am now trying to get my £199 fee back. IMPOSSIBLE as it seems, I’m constantly being fobbed off by the customer services people. They are now saying they are waiting for the banks to release their money so they can pay back everyone who was with CCS who had a welcome claim. I want to make a complaint and seeing as CCS do not reply to my letters i want to take this higher. Can someone please advise me where to start?

simone Says:

Thanks for that old employee, I am in the process of trying to get my money back after being misled and lied to by claim compensators ltd. I heard all about the old company losing there licence and questioned the caller from claim compensators at the time asking if they were the same company but with a different name and they replied no. I was vulnerable at the time and they convinced me on the phone. I feel very foolish now but the man I spoke to was very convincing telling me all I wanted to hear. To all out there who are unsure about this company …DO NOT PART WITH YOUR MONEY. IT IS RUN BY CROOKS.

sam Says:

Hi Simone, I have just got off the phone to CCS and one again they said the banks will be releasing their money in a couple off weeks, the lady i spoke to then hung up on me sooooo rude!!!!!!!!!! can i ask how you are going about getting your fee back? Thanks

alison Says:

I too was taking in foolishly and as soon as I had hung up realised I had no PPI. Telephoned next day to cancel,assured no money would be taken from account but money debited the next day. I have been trying to get refund for a year now and am at loss what to do now. Written to Office of fair trading,Watchdog etc threatened them with legal action but to no avail. Love to hear from anyon ewho has had a refund and how you do it!!

anon Says:

c-c-s are a scam company - owner called robert (grant) evans , and a guy called mark davies

Monica Says:

I am trying to get a refund from Claim Compensator.They had initially told me that if my PPI refund was going to be less then £1,500 then they would refund the £239 .The thing is I got £200 refunded by the bank.However as what I pay to them exceeds what the bank paid back for the PPI I asked for a refund of the £239.99 and told them that I would be willing of course to pay a % of the bank refund. They said that the bank had given me already £200 so they would only refund the difference of £39.99!!!!That means although I am going to have my money back they are going to keep £200 so the whole year dealing with them and the bank has been a waste of time as in my pocket goes £0 but they are making £200 anyway!!!!!!II will make a complaint and will get in touch with the claims management regulation service and will let you know. Grrrrrr

Aga Says:

OMG!!! I’m trying to get my fee bk for over a year now!!! My PPI was less than 199.99 they took from my account 2h after I spoke with them. Noone ever answer the phone (tried probably 4 different numbers ), even when I wanted them to call me bk - nothing. Just now spend nearly 1.5 waiting as my call “was next in line”. Waste of time and nerves I guess. What to do next? Any ideas? Thanks.

ang Says:

I did part with my fee back in sept 2010 they past some of my claims over to Aims Legal LTD who dealt with two of my claims but then i had to claim the others myself when I too could not get hold of them left on th phone for ages. So I contacted consumer direct, and the Ministry of Justice and the ombudsman. Th OM dealt with my cases for me only for the bank to send my cheques to them. CCS. I was contacted by them nearly a year later claiming they had won cases for me and I now owed them money????? They only contacted me coz my stupid bank sent them the info thinking they were still acting on my behalf. I am now in full blown arguements with them as they did not win my claims I did. I am soo waiting to go to court with these people. My advice is stay well clear of them. They are soo rude and nasty people dont let them intimidate you what so ever. Fight for your money back everyone. Put letters in to everyone and lets stop these people ripping off others. The are now working under claims compensators in same office.

Milo Says:

My story is the same as the previous one, only I didnt have the sense to cancel my agreement with them. Anyone know where i stand legally?

Mark Says:

Just been contacted by CCS and luckily enough had someone on the other end. They were claiming they have information on my car accident I had over the last 3 years, funny that as I have never had a car accident. I replied ‘You got another bullsh*t story lined up for attempting to receive any of my personal details?! Funny enough they hung up!
Don’t give any details to anyone claiming to be from CCS or from any of the numbers stated in the above comments.

t deane Says:

Hi I too have had a call from them but they are now using a new number 0800 9777600. They also claim to have a website ccsadvice.com.
Can I also add they were asking for a fee of over £1000 from me but luckily I didnt part with anything. They then as an offer tried to lower it to £594 but asked them to ring back
which I hope they do. Hope that helps anyone

SR Says:

Just to add to T Deane’s post: same company called me and gave me the 0800 number. The registered company address is CCS, Langden House. Langdon Road, Swansea, S41 8QY (by the docks somewhere if you check on Google Earth, in a block of flats). They trade out of Exchange House, Swansea. If you check the web you will find a number of dodgy ‘companies’ registered here, all with very similar sounding Company names.

Most alarming thing was the man calling had my current account number. Have checked with bank who cannot explain how it could have been obtained.

Fris Says:

I was contacted today by CCS. They indicated thatt I had been overcharged for my mortgage and offered to carry out a mortgage audit and also check up on possible PPI miss selling. They adviced me they could possible win me a minimum of £19161.60 and suggested it could be a much as three times this amount. This service would cost me a Deposit of £495 + 10% + VAT a grand total of £2893. They requested a payment on my credit card with the cherry that I would either receive my mortgage miss selling compensation back within 2 - 3 months or a full refund if I had no claim. Additionally if they did win my claim they would charge me a further 15% of the total claim won. I was directed to several sites, CCS’s own and the Ministry of Justice which showed the following details:

Business Details
Business Name:
Claim Credit Services Limited
Exchange Building
Adelaide Street

Trading Names:
CCS Advice, Claim Credit Services, Money Reclaim, The Mortgage Alarm 
Financial products/services
Authorisation Number:

It would seem that these companies are owned by (Robert) Grant Evans and he has quite an interesting history. Oh I forgot to mention that the tel no now used is 0800 9777600.

And if your interested, no I didn’t fall for it. I have checked the Ministry of Justice site and if there is a valid claim you can make it as an individual without paying exorbitant fees to a third party!

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