Snow in Falkirk, Scotland

When I tell our clients that their project is being delayed due to staff shortages because of the snow in Falkirk, I’m sure that some of them have a wee niggle in the back of their mind that I’m exaggerating the situation, so I thought I’d post a few pics to show the snow in Brightons, in Falkirk - and throughout Scotland - is worse than it has ever been!

Here’s one of Dolly, in the middle of the street, walking to Tescos to get some milk and a few necessities - up to her knees in snow!

Dolly in the Snow

The snow pic below shows that we won’t be having a barbeque anytime soon!

Patio under Snow

I hope this clears up quickly, although as we’ve just had another inch of snow fall in the last 20 minutes, I doubt I’ll be clear of it any time soon! Pray for rain!

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6 Responses to “Snow in Falkirk, Scotland”

Tim Gray Says:

Makes a change for Dolly to be knee deep in anything other than work! :)

Tim Gray Says:

Or is this supposed to be a ‘wheres wally’ pic? haha

Tim Gray Says:

This is a wheres wally picture for those that dont know it (Kennie, hint hint)

Carps Says:

Magnificent! I reckon we’ve only got a quarter of that and I feel like Amundsen every time I nip out for milk. Stay safe

Vern Sangasy Says:

There are dynamics to a rise in global temperatur­es that are beginning to play out causing different effects in different areas of the world depending on a variety of factors. So, to translate, there may, or may not be global warming and it may or not be re reason we had snow in Falkirk? Thanks for the insight Vern! :) BM

roulette strategy Says:

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