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I would be dubious about anyone offering an affordable manual directory submission service, claiming to manually submit your site to 500 directories, let alone 5200, which is the offer I received in my email inbox this morning. The email reads:

Subject Line: Affordable Manual Directory Submission and came from sales seo and the email address (they are, infact a company called

Hello, We are offering you special and  affordable Packages of Manual Directory Submission Services  for your site.The manual submissions will be done in directories which are search engine friendly, non reciprocal and are being indexed by search engines regularly. Before submitting a site we do a prior check to ensure your site is not already listed there so as to avoid duplication. Manual Submissions are been done with care and in accordance with the web directories guidelines. All Manual Directory Submissions will be done by our expert team members who are proficient in their work. From this services you will get one way links and these all links will help in getting better ranking and visibility which will finally increase the traffic on the site.
Feature of this packages:
    * Ten different anchor text in tile and ten different descriptions
    * Creation of your Email Account
    * Creation of directory submission account and activations
    * Opening of Job Execution ticket and daily reporting on your progress online
    * Final report after completion of directory submit services

Here are few of the popular packages
100 Directory               10 USD
300 Directories             35 USD 
500 Directories             50 USD 
1000 Directories           100 USD 
1600 Directories           125 USD 
2000 Directories           200 USD 
2500 Directories           250 USD 
3000 Directories           300 USD 
4000 Directories           400 USD 
5200 Directories           490 USD 
Do not let this offer go to waste. Do take this offer for your own site or even for your friend sites.If you need any assistance or clarification please feel free to contact me. So start your day with this wonderful offer. I look forward to doing business with you. Regards Liza

There is no company identification, no website mentioned, no contact telephone number - this Affordable Manual Directory Submission offer is spam, pure and simple - and spammers are not to be trusted!

Manually submitting to a Web Directory 

It takes between 5 and 20 minutes to submit manually to some directories, including the time taken to find the submit button, etc, and this manual directory submission service is offering 5200 manual submissions for $490. If we say that it only take as little as 5 minutes to manually submit to each engine, (not using robot software, but “manually submitting”, that’s 12 submissions an hour, so to submit “manually” to 5200 directories, would take in the region of nearly 434 hours to submit to these engines. Assuming a 40 hour week, we are looking at a full time employee working almost 11 weeks, full time, submitting one order

You see where I’m going with this?

Assuming the business owner takes 50% for himself, the person mannually submitting one order to directories, (assuming an 8 hour day), for $22 a week - or the equivalent of fifteen quid in real money, do you?

Now, I’m not saying for one second, that anyone is advertising that they manually submit to the search engines, but then use a piece of robot software that takes minutes to set up and then minutes to run, or heaven forbid, don’t bother submitting to the search engines at all and just keep your money, but it does make one wonder how they can afford to stay in business and where they find the staff that will work a full-time week for fifteen quid? 

A lttle investigation showed that the company sending out the affordable manual directory submission services is called, which is owned by Megrisoft Limited). I was also informed that it takes only 45 days to complete 5200 manual directory submissions and not the 77 days that I have roughly calculated above. I’m informed, by a member of staff called Liza, that the company has been going for 12 years, despite the domain name being registered in 2000 for the first time. I won’t hold that against them though, as they may have changed their domain name in 200 and been going for two years before that.

Is it worth buying 5200 directory submissions - manual or otherwise?

To work this out, lets look at They have built up 5965 incoming links for themselves, the majority of which are likely to be from the same quality of “Directory” pages that they are offering their clients - so they must be at the top of the search engines for their targeted search terms? They’ve been doing it for 12 years and they have longevity in their links as well, so surely they are up their on the front pages of Google for the search terms in their main Index page keyterms that feature in their Page Title? No?


Draw your own conclusions, but if the directory links that India are peddling with their spam emails can’t give them the positions that they are targetting on the home page of their website, when the domain has ten years longevity, how effective will they be on your website? I only checked ten of the “Directories” that they are linked from and all of them were low-quality FFAs (Free For Alls), had no PR and had dozens if not hundreds of links on the directory pages.

It may seem so, but this isn’t a direct dig at - they just happened to be the latest spambastard to send me their spammy offerings - it’s to all those lying spambastards out there, claiming to manually submit to directories and claiming it’ll get you front page positions. They don’t and they won’t! If they do submit to all of those “directories” they certainly do not do it manually - they use robot software; software that can be downloaded for $50 to $100 from any number of manufacturers.

Having thousands of links from low-quality directories and FFAs will NOT help you on the search engines - you are better off with 20 to 30 Pr2 and PR3 links from normal websites and that will affect your rankings in the engines. 

If you have experienced any sites claiming to manually submit to online directories on your behalf and you paid for their services, we’d be interested in hearing the results.

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