I read a handful of blogs and one that I never miss is Paul Carpenter’s excellent offering, Its a Family Thing. It can be found at for those that don’t realise the above was a link. :)

Here’s an Excerpt from one of Paul’s most recent blogs:

“And of course, the Humanities are frightened out of their tiny minds by the prospect of having to generate their own cash. A couple of days ago we had Ken Loach (of course!) arguing that cinemas could basically be nationalised:

“We could start by treating cinemas like we treat theatres. They could be owned, as they are in many cases, by the municipalities, and programmed by people who care about films – the London Film Festival, for example, is full of people who care about films”

Oh blah. You know what kind of people had state funded art, Ken? The Nazis. And the Communists. Full of sweeping dramas rooted in ‘realism’ that made a broader political point – often about the perils of capitalism. A bit like… well… a Ken Loach film.

People prefer Transformers, Ken. It doesn’t make them bad, or stupid or evil. Their idea of what a film should deliver just doesn’t accord with yours. To you, film is a lesson, a discourse, an exploration. To me, it’s a chance to watch explosions and tits. And while I can stomach paying the thick end of a tenner to see some robots blowing shit up – I never want to have so much as a penny taken from me under threat of law to support what you want to do. But hey! You’ve got Oscars and made Kes, so what do I know?”

If you have a spare few minutes and you want to discover a blog with amusing and insightful articles, visit - I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

No a blog post about itsafamilything is nothing to do with SEO, but I simply wanted to share Paul’s ramblings with the world!

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Carps Says:

Hello there! Many belated thanks for the heads up… you did leave a comment but the swine of Akismet decided you were dicey :)

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