Web Maintenance Contracts

Every website requires regular maintenance and rather than paying a web designer’s standard maintenance rate every time you want something changed or some optimisation carried out on your website, you should consider a web maintenance contract, or website maintenance agreement.

Regular optimisation, developing new content and tweaking and updating of existing website content are important to the success of a website in the search engines. Even a site that has been well optimised on day one, needs to be regularly tweaked to maintain and improve search engine positions. It’s always important to target new search terms every month, so that you build your web presence and in turn, your traffic.

Kenkai Web Maintenance Contracts

Kenkai offer 49 different web maintenance agreements, taylored to each clients requirements.

The basic agreement has the following features:

  • Tweaking and strengthening of search terms on the site, to help maintain and strengthen positions, as and when required (between 1.5 hours and 11.5 hours per month)
  • The first half hour of chargeable* time spent by Kenkai staff on the telephone or answering emails is covered by the agreement. (Saving £66 per hour)
  • Dealing with link requests from other websites and adding free links, when an appropriate link is offered or obtained for another client. (Saving £66 per hour)
  • A monthly update report on changes to search engine rankings. (£50 value)
  • Any chargeable development work and chargeable consultancy time on the phone or via email, on the site for which the maintenance agreement applies, will be reduced in price by between 10% and 40%. (saving £6.60 to £26.40 per hour on any development work.)(The discount does not apply to new projects or development work carried out on any website that is not covered by it’s own maintenance agreement.)
  • All urgent emails will be replied to inside 4 working hours. All non-urgent emails will be answered within 12 working hours.
  • Rapid response to dealing with issues or new site development projects. (All development work on a maintained site is given priority over non-maintenance clients, so no 14 day lead times.

Existing maintenance clients should note that all urgent emails will be replied to within 4 working hours and non-urgent emails will be replied to within 12 working hours (which basically means we will reply on the same day in most cases, but in some cases, where the email doesn’t require an immediate response, we will reply ASAP and at the latest, the following day from receipt of the email. It is always best to call if you have an urgent issue, as not every member of staff is able to check their emails every ten minutes.

Full details of the web site maintenance agreements that we offer, can be viewed by following the link below:

Website Maintenance

If you have any questions about optimisation or about maintaining your website, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0131 208 2038 or 01324 720529.

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