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I was wondering if is a scam site, or is it a genuine membership website? offer film downloads and they have an impressive website, well laid out and very professional looking. However, don’t use a secure server when it comes to taking your credit card payments, so it made me wonder - Is a scam site?

Is a scam site?

I hope isn’t a scam site, but I’d like to hear from anyone that has downloaded films from the Rolly cheap dvd download site to know if they are a genuine film club, along the lines of LoveFilm, and what the quality and speed of the downloads are like?

The non-use of a secure server to take money is a big warning that a site may be a scam website and once a scam site has your credit card details, they can clean you out in no time at all, so it makes me wary. What made me even more worried is that I could find any site reviews of the cheap dvd film download service anywhere on the web, which is most unusual.

So if you have downloaded music from, please take five minutes leave a comment and tell us of your experience, so I’ll know if it is safe to part with my hard earned dosh or not! Thanks.

Is a scam site ?

I was going to start another blog item about to try and garner some reader experiences on the film download experience, but thought I’d tag it on to the rolly site article, as they seem somewhat similar. Hippomovies appear to charge the same as, they offer the same incentive and the hippo movies site even looks like As the football chant goes, “Are you Rolly in disguise?”

If you have experience of signing up and downloading with, please leave a comment and let us know how it went for you.


It would appear there were dodgy elements at work here, judging by the majority of the comments and the fact that the site has now been closed down, with loads of people looking for their money back. The old addage would appear to be in play here - “If it seems to good to be true, it likely is too good to be true!” is still live though, so if you have any info on hippo downloads, let us know.

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Charlie Says:

Having looked at I fail to see how they can be a legal service as although some of their films are already available on dvd and box office, many are current cinema releases such as Inception, Toy Story 3 and The Last Exorcism (which I saw last week at the cinema). So personally, even if they are taking your money correctly and working on an honest pay for product service, how are they getting these films legally to download when some have only just been released at the cinemas?

Sierra Says:

I see many comments have stated that does not use a secure server for payment, they have fixed this problem. is now secured by GeoTrust. They have been secured since Sept. 23, 2010, you can click on the GeoTrust link on the payment page, and it will take you to the site, and show you the status (active), serial number, and validity period. At the time the blog article was written, the Rolly film site did not offer secure payments. I asked them why and they replied to say that they would remedy the situation in the next few days. Thanks for the update. The fact that they now take secure payments doesn’t answer my questions - are they genuine and what is their service like? I have still to hear from one person that has used, which is worrying. BM

A Says:

Not sure if this site is legal or not, but it’s hard to pass up these unlimited downloads for great movies. Concerned about your identity, just get a reloadable (or one time) Visa or MC gift card from the store. This way you don’t have any money (or your identity) at stake for these type of sites. The most you loose is the money you put on the card.

Sartor Resartus Says:

Rolly is problematic. Download a movie in English and it plays in Spanish. Movies such as The Abyss only partially downloads. You get part 1 of 2 parts. I’m researching their legality. I can’t believe…. We’ll see.

Steven and Michelle Says:

We tried using it once, took over half a day to D.L. We canceled,..yet cant get a reply, nor can we even FIND A VALID PHONE Number to speak to a human.. Since then, we’ve had an unauthorized website which we’ve never heard of, deduct the EXACT SAME AMT. as ” “.. I cant find many if any hits on them either, on the internet, also ‘WEIRD’. I did however find one site that set out a ’scam site’ trap(idk how they did it, but they did),..and in the list of Domain’s the took the bait and tried to rip them off, was one that was SCARiLY similar in name, and has since been canceled by whoever shuts down scam sites, … ” ” , the only difference in this site, and the one that hit my girlfriends credit card for exact same amt. as, is ‘Purchase’, and ‘Buying’.. Duperpurchase was shut down as scammer, an we just had unauthorized charge from ‘DuperBUYING’,..all after using Rolly. And for the record, im not stating this as fact, but we just signed up Saturday night to get some good movies for the holiday, halloween, and I have a PRETTY GOOD memory,..and uh, ‘it was NOT secure’,..iM NOT SAying that’s a fact, I’m saying I REALLy do not remember it being so.. ROLLY.Com gets ‘three thumbs* down’,.. “SUCK MY MIDDLE THUMB Rolly!”

Ginette Says:

As steven and Michelle, I couldn’t find any one to talk to as a customer representative,no phone number to call, when I wanted to cancel my membership and I wrote an email to the supposedly help team and I haven’t got any reply, I just get a payement withdrawn from my credit card of!!! I wasn’t able to download any move from,poor quality, pure scam!!!

Joshua Says:

I haven’t had many problems with them. This is still my first month and I have 7 days left. I have downloaded over 20 or so HD movies from them and most are great quality. A couple of movies have had their words (credits, title, etc..) in another language. I have also gotten a screener or two (someone mentioned early releases still in theater). The company that charged my card was PURCHASEMANIA.COM VICTORIA.

I always scan my movies first and so far I have had no virus/malware hits.

I don’t think I am going to renew for the $39 despite not having any problems. I think that most of the movies are just rips from DVD’s and B-Rays and then passed off as legit. Could be why people are getting the run around on different companies charging them. Have to keep moving the operation around. Until the last day though, I am going to keep downloading.

Dragon Says: movie site billed my visa $39.90 USD BEFORE the 24 hour trial time period was up contrary to what their website says they will do.

I’ve sent 3 emails to their support people WITHIN the 24 hours allowed, yet I’ve heard nothing from them.

I’ve talked to my visa provider - they say they can do nothing at this time except cancel and reissue my visa which is not an option for me.

My 24 hours is up in about 2 hours… I’ll let you know if the original charge to my visa is reversed as it should be.

Why did I cancel? Nothing would download correctly even though I had all codecs in place. Movies appeared in my download account even though I’d not requested them to download. No phone numbers or actual email addresses to contact to prove that I’ve requested cancellation within my 24 hours.


Ann Says:

I had a similar experience as Dragon…I was charged the 39.90 before the 24 hrs and I did cancel less than 1 hr after starting. Lots of errors downloading and a virus on my computer from this process. I haven’t heard anything back from them, despite several emails. I have notified my bank of the dispute and am confident I won’t have to pay. My payment came over as


Lisa Says:

Nothing downloads from I have tried to cancel my subscription and the button doesn’t work.

I don’t have a good feeling about this at all!

afafila Says:

Same goes to me. Rolly is scammer. Igot this link by megavideo after fail to watch a movie fm megavideo dot com. Its very easy to register and activate with but until now, after 2 weeks, I cant download any of movies from Rolly. Their server so terrible and I am still waiting for their reply of my email. If you search, there is so many website similar to Rolly so that I can conclude that is scam website. I wonder if my credit card will be charged next month? Last word that I can say is, don’t ever register with rolly coz rolly is bastard website !!!!!!!

afafila Says:

Lastly I found that we all have been cheated by Rolly. The way how they cheat is simple. All the movies inside rolly can be found on torrent website. There is no movie saved in rolly database. If you realize, rolly used torrent file to download the movie on behalf of us. so thats, if there is no leecher the download will be stop immediately. Rolly must stop cheating people!!! Please note: this is purely Afafila’s opinion, and we have no evidence to corroborate his findings. BM

marie Says:

Mine is a similar story to anns as my bank account also showed visa movielibrary2010 taking full payment before the 24hrs but also stated that u could subscribe for 19cents!!!! which is why i decided to try it!!!!
Obviously a scam. I am now going to change my card as I cannot afford for monies to be taken here there and everywhere so to anyone reading this please DO NOT USE IT!!!!!

Sherri Quance Says:

Hola! I’ve been following your weblog for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Huffman Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the great work!

egh Says:

Clearly a scam. I signed-in for the $0.19 trial and within a few minutes I decided there was something ‘off’ with the site so I tried to canel my account. When I hit the cancel button I was told “some error occurred”. I tried to cancel a number of times with the same result so I sent an email to the support address. I called my bank and they tell me there is a USD $39.95 charge on my visa from This is all within 1 hour of registering for the $0.19 trial. I cancelled my visa for good measure.

gus Says: is a scam site. i signed up for the trial version for USD 19cts but they immediately charged the monthly subscription. you can not cancell subscription since they are not realy interested in what you do after they get your credit card details.

I have had to cancel my credit card just in case they charge me again. Even after all this, i downloaded one movie of realy bad quality and it took ages. I thought since they took one month’s subscription, they would at least allow me to download all the bad quality movies they have on the site but alas, even this is now stopped!! Guyz, do not purchase from this site.

Tamara Says:

Like everyone else I was taken in by the .99 cent trial period, tried to download. The movie did not download. I realized my mistake within an hour. I tried contacting their customer service department via email (no telephone number posted) no response. I then contacted my bank. There is already a charge pending for the full amount of $39.90. My bank suggested canceling my account. They could not stop the transaction. Compass told me I could open a “dispute” that will take up to 90 days. That money is gone. DO NOT use this service, or get taken by them. Canceling my bank account will cause tons of issues for me, and I was getting ready to travel. But, I should have known it was a scam site. I was downloading “tangeled” it’s still at the theatre. What was I thinking. Huge lesson learned. I am posting this on Facebook and asking everyone I know to repost to their friends as well. If everyone else could do the same, maybe we can shut down.

snooze Says:


All I got ripped as well, they charge me full subs before my 24 hour trial, and they won’t let me cancel by simply not responding to my mails, their cancelation form is not working, and the films are just files from the internet, and a lot of them not working either.
Now I’m gonna have to change my credit card because looks like they are going to be charging me every month. is definitely a scam site!

Nana Kay Says:

I feel so stupid! I, too, got duped by the “24 hour trial” period and an almost immediate charge to my card. No downloads worked and the same experience as others have described. Additionally, when I arrived home after work today, there were four messages on my answering machine, despite being on the “no call” list, all from telemarketing companies we’ve never heard of before. I’m attempting to suspend the account to prevent additional charges. I cannot afford for this to continue. I’m frustrated and aggravated with myself. If anyone is able to resolve this issue, PLEASE POST to share it with the rest of us!

Nana Kay Says:

I searched and searched and finally found the following link:

The reply I got was:
“Cancel subscription
Your subscription was successfully canceled.
From no won’t extend your account on monthly basis and your credit card will not be charged. Your account remains active until your selected membership plan is not expired.”

I printed the page to verify the date and time. I will be faxing a copy to the cardholder institution and my attorney…”just in case”. I certainly hope this works, but at this point I’m entirely too skeptical and nervous.

Zoe from Mexico Says:

Muchas gracias a todos por los comentarios sobre su experiencia con me han ahorrado dinero y bilis. Cuando encontré el sitio me pareció “TOO GOOD TO BE TRUTH” así que busqué en Google “Is legal?” y me topé con toda clase de comentarios, la mayoría malos, sobre este sitio que ofrece películas que acaban de estrenarse en cartelera. Mejor me voy al cine, acá acaban de estrenar TRON legacy.

Me Says: is definitely a scam. I paid for a trail membership of 24 hours. Apparently, after trying to bill my account the 39.95 about 4 hours into my trial, they blocked me from getting on their site. If I would have thought the site was worth continuing, I would have made sure the money was in there after the trial. Don’t bother with these people. Now I have to call the bank and let them know what is going on.

Lee Says:

There is not even a website anymore. :) Guess we have all been scammed. I can still see it Lee, so it’s still there. BM

MacGruber Says:
517 Riddle Road, University Hgts.
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States
Phone: 513 546 1689

What is this:
University Heights is near Cleveland.
517 Riddle Road is in a nice suburb of Cincinnatti.
513-546-1689 is a wireless number registered in same area as the nice house in Mount Healthy, OH 45231-2711, Cincinatti area.

This isn’t the address information on the current whois database, but thanks anyway. BM

Natan Says:

I signed for the 24 trail. dowloads worked great. Tried to cancel on as they suggested before the 24h but got error messages all the time
Send an email to rhier support and fibnally received the following reply:
Dear user,

Your subscription was successfully canceled. There will be no charges applied to your credit card.

Thank you!

We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please do not send another email. Instead, reply to this email

I will keep follow my credit card so there are no surprises


Bryan Says:

I had the same problem with the cancellation page. I emailed them and they cancelled immediately. I didn’t have any trouble downloading movies though. Everything worked great, except one movie “Fantastic Four” in hiDivx. It only had a part 1 of 2. I emailed them and they apologized for the problem and removed that link. I downloaded the other link (divx) and it worked. I generally had good download speeds. I could download 1Gb in about an hour and usually they allow 2 at a time, though there is a few minutes delay between completing a dL and being able to start your next one. Still overall no problems. I only cancelled because I began to see ’still in theatre’ movies and became concerned about the legality. Also, the layout seems too similar to which was busted.

whistleblower Says:

I was lured to Rolly by trying to watch another movie, the link took me there..I mistakenly agreed to the 1 day trail offer. Only to find out that the movie I wanted, the one that linked and supposed to be there was not even available.
I went to cancel imeediatly and got this response from support.

Even though their own terms were breached when I was charged for the month before the 24 hour period was even over.

A customer support staff member has replied to your support request with the following response:

Dear user, We are sorry, but your subscription was extended According to Terms of use Agreement you agreed to comply with and be bound by. Information regarding upgrading to Premium subscription was stated on the payment page (1) and in the notification mail (2) sent to you after activation. It was also stated in the FAQ section (3). According to The Agreement your subscription is automatically extended upon expiration. It is possible to cancel your current membership at any time before it expires and your credit card won’t be charged for the next month. You can cancel your subscription using “Manage Subscription” tab, displayed on the lower side of each page when you are logged in. Thank you. We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please do not send another email. Instead, reply to this email.

Teebee Says:

Been using Rolly for two months so far, ok, they took the 39.90 before the trial period was over ..but..sof ar downloaded about 40 films 35 excelent and 5 below standard, but just downloaded True Grit and it was perfect, does say on the link that the film is either HD or DIVX or lq so I find that HD takes a lot longer but it is HD, unlike a lot of other posts I have had comunication with the site by mail and had returns and problems solved. So far my impresion is ok, will have to wait and see what happens in the future. Thats not to say that others will have not have problems, but I havent had any. What returns? BM

jeff davis Says:

Tried the free trial, did not have good quality movies, and very slow downloads. Did not have a problem cancelling the subscription, with the exception of the $39.95 hold on my credit card for a week after cancellation..oh, on the torrent thing…the other commenter is right…I checked out over 50 of the new release movies from, and the same day they posted them, was a day after you could download them for FREE from vuze. go figure!

yejin Says:

i had the same experience, and when i tried to cancel the account i couldnt. i wrote tons of emails to and finally i got the answer that my subscription has been canceled. however, when i got the CC bill 2 days ago, i saw that the charge has been made. And when i logged in to, i could see that my account is still working… i am so worried that they might charge me again next week.. should i tell my parents to cancel their CC because of my stupid mistake? i feel sooooo frustrated :( I think you should tell your parents and let them decide what to do. BM

katty Says:

Thanks for this I was searching for free movies and I saw, checked it out was about to pay when i decided to search all this. Thanks great help…

si Says:

been using this cbmovies site which i have found identical to the rolly one. same subscription type issues as everyone in the posts here. to be fair the site has worked as it listed and i have so far only been billed as i thought. the autoreply from the support page lists the rolly site. I joined to get an old film i was struggling to get elsewere, but wanted to leave now as films that have only just been released are on there. this cannot be right. i think i am going to have limited responce, but i wait to see. if no responce within a couple of days i will have to cancel my card. :-(

si Says:

just had a responce to request to cancel in which they have stated that:
Your current subscription was successfully canceled. There will be no more charges applied to your credit card.

just have to check this with my card at the end of the month. If this is right then the site has done everything i thought it would.

marms Says:

I have just been involved in the same problem with this site….I cannot cancel my account through their “manage subscription” link…so I did however successfully send a message to them through their support page….I have sent two so far but so far no response….I am going to be pro-active here a phone my credit card company ahead of the charges to say that I do not authorize the payment… and learn…not a good day….ps…I have to admit though….the movies loaded okay

hannah Says:

THIS SITE SCAMMED ME!!! I Am so mad and I am reporting them soon. I am also calling my credit card co so they can contact that site to give me back my money. I am also printing off a copy of the bill. I AM SO PISSED OFF. this “site” Scammed me twice. I made me pay from feb.16 and then charged me 7 days later. DO NOT use it. They also said that I had 7 days to download movies and I downloaded 1 but they scammed me by making another payment a few days later. SO they are a scamming site DO NOT USE!!!!

Richard Says:

I just took the trial subscription. I downloaded an oldie but goodie movie (Picnic). It downloaded quickly. I use the DivX Player… all went well.

Colin Says:

Hi there, It is clearly a SCAM. After reading the comments here I decided to activate my account but fed it with totally fictitious NAME, ADDRESS & CREDIT CARD DETAILS for the 1 day trial account. When I tried to select a film it told me that I needed a “full” account to download a “new” film so I accepted and it automatically upgraded me and allowed me to download a film. That is currently in progress but seems to constantly have 38 mins left. — I CONNED THE CONNERS but they didn’t get my cre-edit card.

Michael Collins Says:

Rolly is a scam site. I signed up for 24 hour trial period. My first download failed. Then I cancelled my subcscription. I think it was successful so I will not pay for a month subscription. If my experience is any guide, they are in business to scam people. Stay away!

Michael Collins Says:

To follow up on my earlier comment, they did charge me with a full month subscription even though I cancelled within 24 hours. They are scammers for sure. I am contesting the charge with Visa. Whilst I agree with the comment that I edited out, Michael, I’m sure you understand I can’t make that suggestion on my blog! :) BM

Chris Says:

I have had excellent service and great response from their support team. I don’t agree with the assessment that they are scammers. I guess when I get overcharged at a restaurant, then I’m being scammed, as well.

That doesn’t mean the site doesn’t have its issues, because it does. As some have mentioned, the videos may not always be the quality advertised, but I have notified support and it has been resolved within 24-48 hours. Also, playing the videos with certain players doesn’t work well, for instance, playing with QuickTime on mac wasn’t optimal because I was unable to turn off subtitles. I have resolved this issue by using Plex, which is a free HTPC software package.

I have also been trying to understand the legal implications of using the site. I know that with music sold from Russian servers, the Russian copyright laws make it legal to purchase from them. However, I believe rolly is on a Netherland’s server and I’m not sure what their copyright laws are. I’d love to hear if anybody has insight into the digital copyright laws.

James Says:

I have been using their services for 3 months. I am in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. I have been very happy with their service. Most movies are in english. Any time i have had a problem with a download, I notify them and they fix it. There has been no problems with billing. A couple months ago they were having some download problems with one of their servers. My account was credited for the inconvenience. When I wanted to let my service expire, it was done as requested. I just renewed my subscription.

Let’s not fool ourselves. Rolly provide pirated movies. If you are okay with this, then it is an excellent site. More reliable then most. I have seldom had an incomplete download. I am downloading 4 movies as we speak, and have downloaded literally hundreds from this site.

You do not get the full meal deal wi the 24 hr trial. Once you have subscribed and paid you will not have any problems. I have found them fair in their billings. I think some just jump to conclusions too quickly. You get what you pay for. To date I have downloaded over 2 TB of data.

If you have a problem, let them know politely and give them 24-48hrs to resolve. It’s worked for me.

For use on mac I used handbrake to convert to m4v format.

Mei Ling Says:

this is really sucks…. i just signed up today for free trial for USD$1.49. its says can download unlimited within 24 hours but after i signed up most of the movies i wanted cannot download. it require the full subscription so i click on it and it directly charged to my visa without prompt me.

after i turn to full subscription that is another USD$39.90, i try to download lots of movies. but all are partial downloaded.

there is no help, no contact. and it failed to deliver to the email address that confirm your subscription.

really sucks spending whole days wait for the downloading. not even a complete movie

Fabien Says:


rolly took 39.99 before the trial period expiration. They don’t answer my email.

How can I find the processing company of rolly or its acquiring bank? Wanna write them a complaint and return my money. Good luck with that…… BM

Fabien Says:

Good luck with that…… BM What do you mean? Isn’t it possible to know which company process this stupid site rolly a show them that it’s a pirate content they process??
Probably call Visa office or my bank they should found the processing company of Fabien, I mean, “Good luck with that!” I fail to see what else it could mean but wishing you luck in achieving your goal? BM

matthew Says:

i paid for that site 2 weeks a thew good movies went to go on it today and i cant get on. the site has just gone .iam just wondering if the site is dwn for maintanence.are ive been ripped off. Possibly the latter?

Squatch Says:

Guys, the site seems to have been shut down. IT is certainly a dodgy site. I know this because i stumbled upon it via a music site “” which had a link to ZML which was alos shut down to be replaced by both sites ZML & had the same look and feel. Hang-in there, and I am sure with time if you check the site, you might be lucky to see another link for “cheap movies”. When you register there with your previous Rolly credentials, you will find your account already exists. How do I know? Because this is just what happened when I tried to register with Rolly after ZML was shut down.. Let’s nab the “Nabsters

rodney smith Says:

please can you cancel my account as it is not any good for me as i am comming off the internet mr.rsmith Much as I’d love to help, you don’t have an account with Kenkai. I think you were possibly looking for

rodney smith Says:

i have been trying to goto my account,i am having trouble get to so pleease cancel my account, mr.r.smith I thought at first you were someone that mistook my blog as coming from However, after emailing you and you sending a second comment, I can now see that you are attempting to be funny. Ho. Ho. BM

Ross Says:

Have been with since Nov.2010 and apart from a few hiccups with sub-titles and some really slow downloads, they have been very good & their support service has been excellent, but they now appear to have collapsed… and checking CC statements it’ was different companies withdrawing each month…nothing has been withdrawn since but it is a bit of a worry regarding my credit card details… are they secure…should I be worried, any suggestions…
this puts you off signing up for sites like this which I found really good & enjoyed using.

Bruce Navan Says:

Excellent writing! Thank you for this wonderful source of information. I read your article about and the movie download site a couple of month’s ago, when Rolly were still going and on checking back, I’m glad I took heed! Do you know of any genuine cheap film download site where I can download dvds in the UK?

Bob Flemming Says:

Try Isn’t that just another, offering illegal, lower quality downloads as if they are legally available? Most of the movies advertised on the front page are not available on general DVD release yet and the site even looks likes Everything that I read about would suggest that they offer the same service as and appear to have just as many unsatisfied customers. I for one, won’t be touching them. If anyone else has experience of, please let us know how it worked for you. BM

Stuart Says:

I used rolly towards the end of last year for a couple of months and never had any problems regarding subscription charges…at least so far. However the quality of their movies weren’t always the best especially the latest movies. They looked like they were pirated as they were still in the cinema at the time and not even on general release on DVD. I got it to save money on the cost of buying the DVDs or as an alternative to going to the cinema and that is basically what i got.
Hippomovies is similiar to Rolly.
I would like to know other legal movie download sites that are definitely not scammers. What is LoveFilm like? It’s a good service, but they are a little slow on bringing out the latest releases, but with a 70000 film back catalogue, that’s nothing to really worry about. BM

baba Says:

I used Rolly for a year or so. And never had any problems. But the website went down in July. I now use and, they are both real good.

Joe Says:

I used starting 2010, for a month, had no probs with downloads and payments.. but noticed 2 different charges on my credit card, one is MOVZMEGASTORE.COM MOSCOW RUS and the other is BESTVIDEOS4YOU.COM LIMASSOL CYP.. i suspected this site and made a research and some forums said it’s a scam site.. so i did not renew, till i notice later the site is shut down, and the other 2 .com sites that are supposed to charge me.. BUT THE PROBLEM IS NOT THIS.. IF I’M REPLYING HERE, it’s because MY CREDIT CARD INFO WERE STOLEN.. i got a call today from my credit card support, telling me why they blocked it, coz their Fraud system detected suspect transactions, 1′600 € from APPLE store, and AT&T from USA, while i live in Switzerland, they did for my luck block these transax, and changed my credit card.. ((( I strongly doubt as i know it’s the only site i stupidelly accepted to input my cc info in non secure form))) BE ALL AWARE !!!

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