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How will Google Instant affect SEO in the UK ?

A better question would be, “Will Google Instant have any affect on SEO at all?” I’ve been reading all sorts of nonsense from “The SEO Gurus” on forums and on blog articles and much of their gumflapping is a load of nonsense, made up to try and screw unsuspecting webmasters into parting with more money, for pointless “Google Instant SEO”.

What is Google Instant?

Google Instant is a new Search Technology that supplies search results before you finish typing your query. That’s it. That’s all it is. Yahoo did it back in 2005 and then scrapped it, because it confused and annoyed people.

Google Suggest already does roughly the same thing and how many of us use that? Like Google Suggest, I find Google Instant distracting, annoying and completely pointless and that seems to be the consensus of the people that I’ve mentioned it to that even knew it existed!

Google Instant UK

Not many people have even noticed Google Instant in the UK. It’s certainly not affecting UK online sales in any way as 95% of our clients have shown no unusual behaviour or drop in sales since it’s arrival. So why has it not been noticed?

  • You have to be signed into a Google Account to use it for a start, so if you don’t have a Google Account, or you don’t stay signed in all the time, you won’t notice any difference in the way Google works.
  • Google Instant  doesn’t work in the Pages From the UK side of the Search Engine Index , irrespective if you are signed in or not
  • It doesn’t work in IE7, IE6, Netscape of Firefox2 and you have to trick it to make it work in Opera.
  • Google Instant doesn’t work if you type your query into the search box in the Google Toolbar

and if you are not a touch typist, which few people are, you’re not looking at your screen when you type, you won’t notice it anyway!

Google Instant Search Results

This is purely a cosmetic change. You come to the same results page, irrespective if you are using Google Instant or not, hence the reason that it has had no impact on SEO, or online sales in the UK. Forget about it. It’s not the future of search - it’s a gimmick that will simply annoy serious browsers and I suspect it will be forgotten about in months to come.

So, if some SEO funster calls you and offers you a Google Instant SEO service - tell them to sling their hook - there is no need for such a service - certainly not in the UK and certainly not at the moment!

3 Responses to “Google Instant SEO”

Daniel Says:

Phewww, at least someone I found who is thinking the same way for google instant as I. I simply hate this feature introduced by google. My searches become very slow. Google instant will be definitely washed away in the coming month. It is a fact that google has always been known for its simplicity and user interface. Google has now spoiled that image. I don’t have an issue with speed - that’s more likely down to your broadband or your machine. BM

Charlie Says:

A pointless feature. I don`t think anyone can argue with that statement as people have already noted Google Suggest does pretty much the same job and if we are realistic this tool has been around for years but just applied in different technology. It`s predictive text. That is exactly all it is, second guessing what you want to type which can be annoying at times. They didn`t need to apply it, it`s unnecessary and adds no benefit to Google. The fact that they have added a blacklist too of certain keywords shows that in actual fact they are trying to limit what people search for. It will cause more debate over freedom of searching then it will on it being a useful tool.

Actualidad seo Says:

Instant Google means a positive toolfor the average user. From an savvy marketer perspective, I guess it represents a new thing to add to our personal to-do list. I would bet that Yahoo will integrate a similar function

In any case a very interesting an amazing blog and a very ilustrative post

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