Phishing Scam

I received an email purporting to be from this morning - well, 5 emails proporting to be from Pricegrabber this morning, if I want to be accurate, thanking me for registering with PriceGrabber. Apart from the fact that I didn’t register with PriceGrabber and I don’t use the email address that it came through on, the links on the email are actually pointing at and then redirected to .

The subject of the email reads: Thank you for registering with PriceGrabber

The body of the phishing email reads as follows:
Welcome reports!Your registration with PriceGrabber is almost complete.Email Validation Code = 41m750t89cWe sent you this email to verify your email address. To complete this step, click on the following link or enter your Email Validation Code on the page where it is requested on our site: will confirm your email address.Note: If clicking the above link doesn’t work, try to copy and paste the entire link into your web browser.

Do NOT reply to this email, replying to this e-mail will not validate your email address.

Again, thank you and welcome!

– The PriceGrabber Team

If you have any questions, email one of our friendly customer service representatives at info

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If you received a “Thank you for registering with PriceGrabber” phishing email, don’t click on any links, simply delete it, forget about it and have a fabulous day! Before getting on with your day, send us a comment to let us know if you received a registration email, with any variations on it, so we can keep people informed. Thanks.

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