Wikipedia e-mail address confirmation scam

The phishing spam is coming thick and fast today! Now we have a Wikipedia e-mail address confirmation scam email.

The subject line of the email is: Wikipedia e-mail address confirmation

The email address is

The email reads:

Someone from the IP address has registered the account “reports” with this e-mail address on the English Wikipedia.

To confirm that this user account really does belong to you and to activate e-mail features on Wikipedia, please open this URL in your browser:,   which goes to

If you did not recently register for Wikipedia (or if you registered with a different e-mail address),

click the following link to cancel the confirmation:, again not going to confirm a registration for Wikipedia, it goes here:

This confirmation e-mail will automatically expire at Thu, 1 Jul 2010 18:28:00 +0900

~Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

If you receive a Wkipedia email address confirmation email, like the one above, don’t click on anything, simply delete it, forget about it and have a fine day.

9 Responses to “Wikipedia e-mail address confirmation scam”

Keith Says:

Thanks! Thought it was a scam, but was worth checking

Dale Says:

Yep, just got the same. Exchange caught it and junked it.

me Says:

Crap, I clicked on it without thinking. Now what?

Have a look at this:

Did you click on the link on the site, or just clicked on the link on the email? BM

Jan Sassmannshausen Says:

Thank you, we also received a mail like this…

Jonathan Says:

Thanks - I did wonder when I saw the IP address was Eastern Europe!

You confirmed it’s a scam. Thanks for this.

shahrzad Says:

i want confirm my mail address This is either very funny, or very sad. BM

anshul Says:

i want to confirm my mail address. Why?

kim Says:

has anyone else gotten a message on top of wikipedia saying that you have new messages? I got a mesage from cresix (I have never signed up for an account with wikipedia) saying my ip address (not even my address) was detected making changes to a website I have never been on (and a topic I have no interest in). I have tried contacting wikipedia to find out what’s on the go. anyone else have this problem? is this a scam or spam or spyware or what? I haven’t received that one myself, Kim, but if the email asked you to follow a link, open a file, or reply with information, it’s probably some kind of spyware/malware/phish. It could simply be an error, either way, why worry about it and waste time trying to get to the bottom of it. Simply delete it and move on with your day. :) BM

Pish Songwriter Says:

anthony smith - pish songwriter…

I want to be up front about spamming your blog for linking purposes - and yes, I am a pish songwriter :)
I don’t pretend to understand why Anthony Smith, the songwriter, wants to be found on Google as a “Pish Songwriter”, but the comment amused me, so I allowed him to have the link - although it IS nofollow, so is of no real advantage. BM.

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