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Search Engine Submission - Yes or No?

Shy but Beautiful from the land of Hotmail asks:

“I have seen lots of SEO  and web design companies companies offering search engine submission services and suggesting they list my site in 500 or 1000 engines and then submit them again every month for 6 months, on my behalf. The prices range from $20 to really silly money. Is it worth considering a site submission service and is it a service that you offer?”

No, no, no! Don’t ever submit your site to any search engines and don’t pay someone else to do it and no, we don’t offer a search egine submission service - heaven forbid!

Let the search engine spiders find you. That’s their job! Yes, submit to the ODP, that way you’ll get into the Google Directory. If you want to pay for inclusion into the Yahoo directory, (which seems a bit expensive to me, but hey….), by all means, do that too, but don’t submit to any of the other engines.

Arrange for a website that is spidered regularly to link to your site and the spiders will find you quicker. Once you are on the index, build link partnerships, so that spiders find your link each time they visit the sites that are linking to you.

Don’t resubmit every month, it won’t do you any good and it could end up doing you harm.

Your web designer or Search engine Optimiser should have a site that features on all of the major search engines, so if you ask them nicely, I’m sure that they will place a link to you on their site, even if it is temporary, just to get your pages indexed.

If a site that carries your link is regularly spidered, it should only take a matter of 2-10 days for your site to be fully indexed (if it is properly linked), on Google and should feature on Yahoo and Bing within 1 to 3 weeks.

Manually submitting to 500 Search Engines 

Another thing, I would be particularly dubious about anyone claiming to manually submit your site to 500 search engines. Now, I’m sure there are companies out there that can find 500 search engines that are not FFA’s or directories, (although I’m not aware of them!), that they feel are worthwhile linking to, but two things:

Why waste time submitting to piddly wee engines, when the only ones you really need to worry about are Google, Yahoo and Bing? Once you are featured in these three, any engines worth their salt will find you, or receive feeds from these engines anyway.


It takes between 5 and 20 minutes to submit manually to some engines, including the time taken to find the submit button, etc, and the majority of people offering this service seem to charge around $20 to $30 for “manually submitting” to these 500 engines.

If we say that it only take as little as 5 minutes to manually submit to each engine, that’s 12 submissions an hour, so to submit “manually” to 500 engines, would take in the region of nearly 42 hours to submit to these engines.

You see where I’m going with this?

I do not personally know anyone on this planet, that will work a whole week, (assuming an 8 hour day), for $20 - or the equivelant of fifteen quid in real money, do you?

Now, I’m not saying for one second, that anyone is advertising that they manually submit to the search engines, but then use a piece of robot software that takes five minutes to set up and then ten minutes to run, or heaven forbid, don’t bother submitting to the search engines at all, but it is gratifying to know that there are so many companies that are so independantly wealthy that they can afford to work a whole week for fifteen quid in payment. The only thing is, what if they have ten customers, how do they fit in 400 hours into a 40 hour week?

So Shy, my advice is not to touch them with a bargepole. Don’t let anyone tell you that regular submission is the way to go, it’s not. Anyone that tells you that it is, is probably trying to sell you the service!

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Charlie Cairns Says:

Big Man

I wish I had read your blog, before sitting for 3 nights in front of a computer, painfully submitting to Google, Bing, Lycos, Alta Vista, MSN, Yahoo etc. etc. etc.

Its good to get the real facts from a Pro.

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