Angelina Jolie invited you to join Facebook

Even if I hadn’t received 53 emails all with the subject line, Angelina Jolie invited you to join Facebook and I only received one Angelina Jolie Facebook invite, I think I would have guessed it was spam - as if Angie wanted to invite me, she would surely have just picked up the phone?

Now you may be reading this thinking that anyone receiving an Angelina Jolie invited you to join Facebook email, would realise that it’s obviously spam and would delete the email immediately, without following any links - but you would be wrong! The spamtwats sending out these emails probably own over 1000 domain names, many selling dodgy medicines and with lots of little virus links in them, as most of the 53 emails I received have links to all sorts of different websites.

If you receive an Angelina Jolie Facebook invite email, simply delete it. DON’T be tempted to follow a link. You know it’s spam, you have nothing to gain by clicking on any of the links, delete it completely from your machine and get on with your day.

These spammers are unlikely to stick with Angelina Jolie for long, so if you receive a similar spam Facebook invite from another celebrity, drop us a comment and we’ll feature it on the site.

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