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I get my fair share of spam every day and the new spammers on the block are the boys and girls at Bournemouth web design company,, or more specifically some CreativeWRX employee spambitch called Judy Hohler - if that’s her real name.  I have had numerous peieces of spam from CReative in the past week and I have asked them nicely to stop wasting my time, but yet again, this morning, another two spam comments!

As this Bournemouth web design company is so desparate for links, I thought I would write a wee article for them. This is the spam link that Judy Hohler sent:

Enjoyed the readCome take a look at our sitetoo. Pretty relevant. Bournemouth web design.

Now, it’s possible to leave spam links on blogs, that are well written and make a valid comment on the article - when anyone does that, I give them a link, but poorly written spam, where the spammer hasn’t even bothered to space her words correctly, doesn’t get a link - cmon - get real!

The site is a pretty design, with some excellent content and some of their portfolio work is really good, so why are they wasting their time by spamming other web design companies blogs? Maybe times are tight in Bournemouth, or maybe Creative WRX are using an Indian or Romanian link building company, as they will grab spam links wherever they can find them and they are simply not aware that their link-builders are spamming to try and promote their clients’ websites - as well as their own?

Bye the way, of you are web designer from the creativewrx team reading this, you have a broken link on your fries take-away image - thought you’d want to know.

Again - I bear no malice towards this Bournemouth design company and I not commenting on their ability to do their job, but I ask them please, stop spamming my blog!

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Bournemouth SEO Says:

Hi Kennie,

Sorry your site keeps turning up in searches for our keywords! No one called Judy works here, it’s just an automated alias, so go easy on her :D We did actually filter out your site first time around but alas, things fall through the cracks :(

Now not to sound bad but as an SEO yourself you know how this works. I have actually spent more time writing out this reply than it takes to spam a 1000 blogs. Unfortunately I don’t think it is possible in today’s SEO world to get by without at least a nod at automation and indulging in a little spam commenting. You might feel different but our results speak for themselves.

Sorry again. Not out to offend anyone and you are right, that’s one shoddy comment! Will fix that! :D

Ah, forthright honesty! We like that - have a link - and have a mighty fine day! BM

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