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Harry O from the world of Googlemail has asked, “What does I/O mean in Google I/O”

First of all, I should mention, for those of us  that don’t know what Google I/O is, it’s and annual developer conference held by Google, to to discus Google web applications and web technologies that can interact with Google. It was previously called Google Developer Day and Geo Developer Day, but it has been Google I/O for the three years, this years developer conference, Google I/O being the third and starting today - 19th May in Moscone San Fransisco. 

What does I/O stand for, in Google I/O?

Back to Harry’s question - what does i/o mean? Nobody outside Google knows! (unless you know different, drop me a comment if you do!) It is widely thought to mean input/output as every computer takes in information and gives it back out. Others feel it coul be the I/O from an electrical switch, which means on/off. Io is Italian for the English word me, but I can’t see it being that.

There are also some that believe that I/O means something along the lines of innovation/open and others that it means absolutely nothing, along the lines of MFI or B&Q - although even they have a meaning way back when the names were registered; Mullard Furniture Industries and Block and Quayle.

My belief is that Google I/O stands for  Google input/output, but if anyone has any other ideas, or knows for sure, don’t hesitate to put me right!

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Kevin Kassem Says:

To my understanding, I/O is actually not even I/O-it is in face a 1 and a 0 (1/0)
In binary, the 1is the “high bit” and the 0 is the “low bit”. This means that 1=power on, and 2=power off.

Derek Says:

Quoted from the Wikipedia page for Google I/O (

“Google I/O was started in 2008. The “I” and “O” stand for input/output, and “Innovation in the Open”*. The format of the event is similar to that of the Google Developer Day.”

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