Your transaction has been processed - Amazon Team Scam

I received an email this morning, allegedly from Amazon Inc, with the subject line - Your transaction has been processed. It contains a zip file - don’t click on it. This isn’t an in depth blog article explaining whether it is a trojan, malware, or if the spamtwats are simply phishing for your details - JUST DELETE THE EMAIL and move on.

The Amazon team don’t send zip files and never send emails to you about an order, without addressing it to you, quoting the details of the order and it’s not possible for them to send from an email address with your domain name, without cloaking. So delete it and move on with your day.

The Phishing / malware email details are as follows:

Your transaction has been processed

From: Amazon Team [guest] (130KB)

Your transaction has been processed by WorldPay, on behalf of Amazon Inc.
The invoice file is attached to this message.
This is not a tax receipt.
We processed your payment.
Amazon Inc has received your order,
and will inform you about delivery.
Amazon Team

Once more for luck - the Amazon email with the subject line, Your transaction has been processed, is a scam DON’T OPEN IT - DELETE IT now.

If you have received similar emails, comment us the details to warn others of any variations. Have a great weekend!

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