Website Maintenance Agreements

As our Maintenance Agreements have been updated and we now offer 49 different agreements, rather than the 5 that we offered previously, we have updated our terms and conditions accordingly and this serves as notification to our existing clients that the Terms and conditions have been altered due to the changes in the agreements that we now offer.

The changes do not affect the ongoing maintenance agreements that are already in existence, with current clients. We will honour the terms of those agreements for as long as the current clients continue to be maintenance clients.

The paragraph in the terms and conditions that has been altered appears below, with the changes and additions highlighted: 

Within ten (10) days of Kenkai Projects Limited receiving full payment for the provision of Design Services, the Customer will be offered the choice of one (1) of forty-nine (49) optional maintenance agreements. All forty-nine (49) maintenance agreements require a minimum three (3) months continued commitment by the Customer. Should the Customer wish to cancel a maintenance agreement prior to the end of the three (3) months period, 50% of the outstanding monthly payments become immediately payable by the Customer on receipt of an invoice from Kenkai Projects Limited.

Should the Customer decide not to enter into a maintenance agreement, any Design Services, including replying to emails that take longer than five (5) minutes to reply to, and answering telephone calls that last over five (5) minutes, will be charged at Kenkai Projects Limited’s standard hourly rate, which is currently sixty-six pounds (£66) per hour. In the case of services being provided by Kenkai Projects Ltd that require less than six (6) hours of development time to complete, where a client does not have a maintenance agreement in place, full payment for said services must be paid in advance of the services being provided by Kenkai Projects Ltd.

Website Maintenance Agreements

Regular optimisation, tweaking and updating of content are important to the success of a website in the search engines. Even a site that has been well optimised on day one, needs to be regularly tweaked to maintain and improve search engine positions. It’s always important to target new search terms every month, so that you build your web presence and in turn, your traffic.

Full details of the website maintenance agreements that we offer, can be viewed by following the link below:

Website Maintenance

If you have any questions about optimisation or maintaining the optimisation on your website, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0131 208 2038 or 01324 720529.

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