McAfee e-mail scan alert

I received the strangest spam email I’ve received to date - supposedly a McAfee email scan alert, although the subject of the email spells email, “e-mail” which is what brought it to my attention - normally I’d have simply binned it!

Why strange? I don’t use McAfee, so it must be from a spammer, but it tells me that the scanner detected a virus, but there is no executable file or zip file attached - so what does the spammer get out of it?

If there is a new method of loading viruses from emails - can someone let me know so I can pass it on? as I just can’t see why a spam-bastard would take the time to send this spam email out, when there is nothing they can gain out of it - any insight is most welcome.

It reads:


Contact Facebook []

Attachment file\Facebook_document_86757.exe

Scanner Detected:New Malware.jj (Trojan)

Action taken : Moved (Clean failed because the detection isn’t cleanable)

Dear user of facebook,

Because of the measures taken to provide safety to our clients, your password has been changed.

You can find your new password in attached document.


Your Facebook.

If you know anything about this spoof McAfee scan alert email, please let me know - I’m genuinely confused as to why someone bothered to send it. Thanks, have a great weekend.

4 Responses to “McAfee e-mail scan alert”

Will Says:

As far as spam goes, that spoof McAfee one is strange. It’s not selling anything, so what’s the point?

Chris Says:

It’s probably a legitimate McAfee alert.
The Facebook spam email with a virus attached will have been spoofed from your email address. The recipient’s PC will be running McAfee and configured to alert the sender of any infected email.

Ruben Rhynard Says:

I hope you have a nice day! You too Ruben :)

der Says:

Thank You.

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