eBay Social Shopping

We wondered how eBay sellers might be able to use the eBay social shopping gadget to their own advantage, and asked eBay about it.

Kassaei says more filtering options will be available.

eBay Social Shopping Gadget for Google Friend Connect

Google Friend Connect (GFC) direct link

Chris goes on to tell us that users of the new eBay Social Shopping gadget can view item details, watch items within auctions or buy-it-now listings, and if they’re also eBay users, they can link their eBay account to their Google Friend Connect (GFC) account, which will let them monitor their eBay watch list , receive personalised recommendations, bid, and buy from the gadget.

The gadget lets publishers customise eBay recommendations and listings to suit the content of their sites. Kassaei says eBay is monitoring the adoption of the social shopping gadget, and will provide monetisation opportunities in a later version through the eBay partner network if that’s what people ask for.Thanks Chris.

Chris’ article about eBay Social Shopping, eBay’s new Google Friend Connect tool, can be also be read, in it’s original form here.

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louboutin Says:

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Nubia Vanderlinde Says:

You know I really love playing with a good gadget! Is that what you call yours - your “Gadget”? But it’s nice to know that you are happy to let everyone know that you are a “Gadget” fiddler! :) BM

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