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I read an interesting article today on SEO Chat about the Google Page Speed plug-in.  Google Page Speed is a Firefox plug-in that can help you discover technical issues affecting the average page load time of your website.

Google Page Speed analysis using a FireFox browser measures how optimized the web page is in terms of loading time and provides a quantitative measurement that is known as a “Page Speed” score. This is a rating on a scale from 1 to 100. If a website scores 100, it means it is “perfectly optimized” for fast website loading.

The writer used 36 number one ranking sites in Google, for different search terms, such as books, computers, LCD, etc to test they Google Page speed plug-in, in order to gain some insight into what is the mean score to aim for, in order to compete in the same ballpark as the top sites. He went one stage further and compared the site’s average loading times as well.

You can read the full article here, but cutting to the chase, here is a brief summary of the Google Page Speed results and the Average load speed results:

Google Page Speed

Standard deviation of the 36 measurements = 6.91

Based on 36 measurements, the average Google Page Speed score is around 80.78. It would be interesting to compute the “range” of the true population average for the Google Page Speed score, as this provides a more useful estimate. You can estimate it by using this tool and setting the following values in the form:

Desired confidence level: 95%

Enter sample size: 36

Enter observed mean: 80.78

Enter observed standard deviation: 6.91

When all of those values are set, click “Calculate.” The resulting range is: 78.52 to 83.04.

This means that the population (all websites ranking in the first position in Google) averages around 78.52 to 83.04 for their Google Page Speed score.

If you are within this range, then your web-site’s Google Page Speed score is considered “normal” and average. But remember, what is “normal” does not necessarily translate to being “good,” so you might still consider improving your Google Page Speed score.

Based on the data, a “good” or “above average” Google Page Speed score is higher than 83.04. If the optimized URL has a Google Page Speed score greater than 83.04, it is considered to be above average, or have a high Google Page Speed score.

Average Load Speed

Now that you have all the data and analysis results, it is time to use the information from it to consider improving your actual website loading time. The following are the conclusions and recommendations based on the results:

1. If your web-site’s average loading time is between 9.82 seconds and 13.84 seconds, then your website URL loading speed is on the “average.” You may or may not improve further as you wish.

2. If your web-site’s average loading time is below 9.82 seconds, your website is loading VERY fast as compared to the average websites ranking in Google at Position 1. You do not need to improve in this case.

3. If your website average loading time falls somewhere 13.84 seconds and 17.98 seconds, your website loading speed is below average. In this case, you will need to improve further to make your website load faster.

4. Now if your website has an average loading time of more than 17.98 seconds, it is VERY slow. In this case, you will lose a lot of visitors, and that affects your sales and conversion. In this scenario, you will have to make drastic technical improvements to your website in order to make it load faster.

So to summarise - ideally, your site should have Google Page Speed score of over 83.04 and load faster than 9.82 seconds, but if you have a Google Page Speed score of between 78.52 to 83.04 and your pages load at a speed between 9.82 seconds and 13.84 seconds,you are on a par with the top sites on the Internet.

Please note, to use the FireFox Google Page Speed plug in, you also need to download the Firebug add-on for FireFox.





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