Promotional Mouse Mats

Mouse mats are being used more and more often as a promotional advertising tool and why not? Promotional mousemats (or is it mousemats?) are the new calenders - we receive about five sets of promo mouse mats  a year from potential suppliers and existing suppliers that are looking for repeat orders.

Promotional mouse mats

Promotional Products and SEO

What have promotional mousemats got to do with SEO? Nothing directly - but I mention the advertising mouse mat to remind everyone that SEO will help get your business on the map as far as the search engines are concerned, but you should never underestimate the power of a free mouse mat, or half a dozen free promotional mugs that put your message and your contact details in front of your potential client  every time they sit at their desk or have a cup of tea in the office.

Promotional products should always be built into your advertising budget, whether they be promo mousemats, cups, desk clocks (my favourite promotional item, if anyone want to send me one!), or Kai’s favourite, Promo umbrellas, as they will bring you business - not as much as being on the front page of the search engines, but all business, from any source is welcome, right?

Thanks to John of for the use of his promo mousemat image - (for the record, not a client of ours, simply a nice chap who allowed me to use the mouse mat image). 

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