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This has nothing to do with SEO - I’m simply angry with the City Walls restaurant in Stirling, because they refuse to take a booking for four people and Graham, who answered the City Walls phone, was anything but courteous when he informed us that “Unless the booking is for 6 people, I won’t take a booking - it’s company policy” He wouldn’t budge on it, telling us “Just to turn up and if we have a table you can have it”.

Well sorry Graham, I’m not accustomed to being told I can’t book a table at a Stirling restaurant - (and I eat out every weekend) - because myself an my wife are celebrating my birthday with only our best friends, rather than a party of us!  That is poor business practice and I won’t be back to the City Wall restaurant and neither will any of our friends.

The last time we ate at the City Walls, there were 10 of us and with the champagne and malt whiskeys, we racked up a bill of around £35 a head and it would have been no different on Saturday night with the four of us.

So, if you want to book a table in a Stirling restaurant, don’t bother calling City Walls, simply call ANY of the other eating places in Stirling, as unlike City Walls, the other Stirling restaurants want your business and are courteous on the telephone when you call.

I apologise to SEO readers for this off-topic blog, but I want everyone in the Sirling area that is searching for info on the City Walls restaurant to be aware of their policy of “If you can’t guarantee you’ll spend a certain figure, we’re not interested in you!”

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Donald McGildrick Says:

I’ve only been once, (on a Saturday evening), to the City Walls restaurant in Stirling and the atmosphere was good, but I had to wait half an hour for a table and the City Walls staff hassled us to leave the table so they could seat the next people waiting for a table. The service was poor, with young untrained students and the food was passable at best, so you were probably better off going elsewhere - there are lots of good eating places in Stirling to choose from!

Jane Pelham Says:

I’ve been to the City Walls in Strling a few times and yes, you have to wait in a queue for a table and the food is cheap and cheerful, but I don’t think that the service is any different from the standard in most pub/restaurants in Stirling and the good thing is that it’s not full of bloody students!

Donald McC Says:

I was at the City Walls in Stirling last night and it was a nightmare. I had to wait 25 minutes for a table and when I got it, i was stuck in a corner, on a tiny table “up the back”, in a raised area, sitting beside a noisy night out. The food was luke warm and we were not approached to refresh our drinks throughout the evening. I’ll never eat at the City Walls restaurant in Stirling again!

Logan Coachys Says:

The layout of your menu is very important and underrated if you ask me and the menu in the City Walls restaurant in Stirling is well laid out. So despite what you may think of the management of that particular Stirling eating place, at least the City Walls got one thing right!

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