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I get more than my fair share of spamtwats on my blog, but recently, I have been receiving SEO spam for Why are they wasting their time? I assume that the spam bastards at are spamming other SEO blogs as well? Are they trying to entice blog readers to follow a link to Do they really think that people will want to work with someone that spams blogs with incisive comments like, “Have you tried the Professional SEO Analysis over at” Give it up guys.

The ironic thing is, the muppet spammers at BH-server have messed up their link - it doesn’t open a page on their site, it simply hangs for 5 minutes!

If you see these spamtwats on any blogs, don’t follow their link and make the website owner aware that he has missed a spam link - maybe should be BS-server! (Blog Spammers - not what you were thinking! but if the cap fits…….. :) )

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