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I was playing with twitter ten minutes ago and spotted a Reading PPC company trying to entice people to click on their twitter link by claiming that they are number one on Google for the search term, PPC Consultants Reading.

Now I don’t know if this company are the top PPC consultants in the country, or even if they are the best PPC consultants in Reading, but the fact that nobody else has actually optimised for the search term, PPC Consultants Reading would perhaps suggest that there isn’t much competition for the term and that boasting that you have achieved number one for the term isn’t really that impressive?

Paid Search Consultants Reading 

As well as being number one for the above term, they are also using the term, paid search consultants Reading to entice new clients to click on their link, as they are sitting at number two on Google for the paid search consultants term.

As I say, these chaps may well be fabulous paid search consultants, I don’t know them from Adam, (but I don’t know Adam either, come to think of it), and I wish them all the success in the world. However chaps, if you are going to boast about a number one search term you’ve achieved - don’t use a term that nobody else is optimised for; a term that could be achieved on the front page of google, inside one minute, from a simple blog article…..

PPC Consultants Reading

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search engine advertising adelaide Says:

Hey I am very impressed with you are blog It seems that you had searched a lot before this article…thanks for sharing your observation here…Keep it up. It seems you didn’t even read the article you spamming twat!

Janet Miller Says:

Ppc is not for the uninitiated. I wasted plenty of money on adwords as I had no inkling what I was doing when it comes to keywords and bidding. I blew through $50 voucher in an afternoon or two. Anyway - great blog I will bookmark and come back. Thank you. Considering you posted from ppcbifmanagement.org, whom I assume you work with, it doesn’t say much for your company’s PPC skills if you have no inkling of what you are doing? Quite an admission Janet :) BM

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