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Johnstone from the land of Hotmail writes - I love the name you have for the scum that leave comment spam on your blog - spam bastards! I’d be interested to know where you got spam bastard term from, or is it one of yours? I checked wikipedia and it’s not listed, but I think that spam bastard is an excellent name for these spamming twats and should be introduced to the SEO language.

The term “Spam bastard” came about through my frustration at the amount of comment spam I was receiving on this blog and I thought I’d give them an official title. Although I thought the term was a Big Man original, it seems that bloggers and forum masters have been using the term as long ago as 2002!

Back in 2002, people went to all sort of extremes to attack spam bastards  for one little comment -trying to get their sites booted off servers and reporting them to their ISP, but nowadays, bloggers have come to expect between 100 and 200 spamming bastards to leave comment spam on their blog each day and simply delete them.

Spam Bastard Definition

Spam Bastards are people that leave lazy, or nonsensical comments on blogs and forums, with no intention of actually commenting on the blog item; only attempting to achieve link juice from the link. Usually the spam bastard’s link is not related to the topic being discussed. They should be slapped at every turn!

The silly thing is, if a spam bastard wants a link from a blog, it would take them five minutes to read the post and make a comment, or ask a question relating to the article - it’s not rocket science - so why take the lazy way out and have 99% of your comments deleted? Makes no sense to me.

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