United Bankers Association Phishing Scam

This is a quick phishing scam warning - if you receive an email saying:

Barclays Bank declared bankrupt, or Bank of Scotland declared bankrupt, or Lloyds TSB declared bankrupt in the subject line, don’t click on the link supplied - it’s a phishing scam to grab your details and possibly stick a trojan in your machine to mine info that these scam-bastards are looking for.

I received the three phishing emails above, all supposedly from United bankers Association, with email addresses like no-reply-5034638276id@unitedbankers.co.uk and all with the same one line message: Barclays Bank (or whichever bank they choose) declared bankrupt. Learn how to save your money click here.

If you received a bank declared bankrupt email - hit shift and delete - don’t open it and certainly don’t give them any details!

I received three different notices of different banks being declared bankrupt, if you receive a similar bankrupt notification email from United Bankers association, (or any other spamtwat for that matter!),¬†we’d love to hear from you - particularly if you received an email about a different bank. Have a mighty fine day….

2 Responses to “United Bankers Association Phishing Scam”

Laura Says:

I received one saying that first direct had been declared bankrupt. Thankfully i didn’t click on the link as i thought that i would have heard on the news if the bank had gone bankrupt. A bit of common sense has prevailed.
Thanks for the warning on this!

Vita Sackville-West Says:

‘Bonus’ Bob Diamond came out of his recent questioning by British MPs well enough… but along with a lot of top bankers I reckon he’s still going to be wearing an orange jumpsuit in the near future - and not a moment too soon!

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