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I received another time-wasting link email from this morning, boasting about their PR4 site and then offering me a link from a 3-way linkbuilding farm page on When I wrote back to “SEO Manager” at Mayuri - yep, the guy didn’t even bother to stick his name on the email, to inform him that he was offering me a shite link that wasn’t even cached in Google and tell him to stop wasting my time, Mr Mayuri stated to get arsey and keeps sending me emails to complain that I don’t want to link back to his buytemplates 3 way link farm!

I may be overly direct when replying to link requests from Indian linkbuilding companies like and I don’t blame the Mayuri employee that sent the email - he is just doing what he has been told to do and probably has two month’s experience in the job. I accept that. I do however get particularly pissed off with time-wasters, who at best, don’t do their job properly and at worst, deliberately mislead people into exchanging links with them.

The Mayuri employee offered me a link from that wasn’t even cached in Google, which, in anybody’s book, is a waste of space, underhand and an insult to the website owner receiving the link request. After I pointed out that this was a shite link and not to waste my time, all of a sudden he emailed me to say he had sent me the wrong link and wanted me to link to another page! How naieve is he - and how desperate are for links?

Mayori are an Indian web design company and to be fair, they have a fairly good looking site but Mayuri also offer a link-building service to their clients - I don’t think I’ll be joining the queue for their services anytime soon.

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anniee lopez Says:

Ya You are thinking right.

Good Post

SEO Atlanta Says:

SEO is an ever changing landscape, different things work at different times and it does you no good whatsoever to listen to the pro-SEOs pontificating about what they were told at SEO conventions or from reading Cutts’ blog. Or from spamming other SEOs’ blogs?

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