En.grand-pianos.org comment spam


Every day, I get spam comments on this blog from en-grand-pianos.org. The spam comment is usually along the lines of :

Piano Trade

Hello :) I bookmarked this blog. Thanks heaps for this!… if anyone else has anything, it would be much appreciated. Great website http://www.en.grand-pianos.org Super Pianoforte Links  Enjoy!…

It’s not the worst piece of comment spam I’ve received, but the dickhead that sends it, sends the same en.grand-pianos comment to ten different blog items at a time! Does he think we zip up the back?

Anyway, the purpose of this brief item is to allow other blog owners and forum managers to leave a comment for the spamtwat from  en.grand-pianos.org, the poorly written site with link after link to other piano sites on it, and let him have it with both barrels! Please don’t use excessively bad language, as I’ll have to edit it, but feel free to vent your pissoffedness!

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Louis Martin Says:

The comments from there are a fairly new thing, but that jerk is constantly hitting my site. It’s almost as bad at the Russian spammers.


Megacool Blog indeed!… if anyone else has anything it would be much appreciated. Great website Enjoy!…”

He left that for a post about a 1999 UFO sighting in Cutts Island, Puget Sound, Washington, USA.

You are correct, he hits lots of different post, the shotgun method I suppose. They always get caught by the filter, so he’s only wasting my time and bandwidth. There is absolutely no targeting involved.

I would bet that none of my visitors would have any interest, in buying what he is selling. Who is going to buy something as expensive as a grand piano from a blog spammer? How trust worthy, and how knowledgeable could the guy be?

I appreciate finding your blog, I’m sure you can guess what, or who I was attempting to research when I found it. You were the 3rd or 4th result on Google by the way.

Lotta Says:

I’m getting these from de.grand-pianos.org (interesting that yours are from the “en” subdomain) to the rate of at least five per day. It’s been going on for about two months, and it’s getting really annoying - even if Akismet blocks them from ever appearing on my site.

This post was the only one I could readily find where people were complaining about this. At least I’m not alone in being annoyed… :)

Carps Says:

Hurrah! Someone else noticed them cropping up. I just outed them on my blog and they came back to leave an abusive comment.

Way to win potential clients over!

Mike Says:

They’ve been hitting me as well, 2-5 times a day. NONE of they’re attempts get past the filter, but it’s annoying all the same.

I was surprised to find a legitimate-looking site when I finally bothered to check them out.

Here’s my anti-them post: http://pagesofinterest.net/blog/2009/11/en-grand-piano-org-comment-spam/, maybe if enough of us do it they’ll get the message.

Who the hell is going to go from reading a post about accessing NSObjects from NSDictionaries to buying a grand piano? I would laugh if spam wasn’t so lame.

Voided Says:

same here but the poor bastard is too dumb to use different ip addresses so i just blocked his :D


Devon Business Directory Says:

Same here, I’ve been getting piano spam on my blogs for a couple of months too, always on completely unrelated topics, think it was fr.grand-pianos today. The site doesn’t seem to be there today though. At least it’s a change from pharmaceuticals, which is what I usually get.

Robert Mullaney Says:

Looks like they have either finally been taken offline or stopped paying for their domain or hosting :) Funny, I just got hit this morning (i manually aprove all comments) and their site isn’t even accessible XD

studying piano Says:

They always get caught by the filter, so he’s only wasting my time and bandwidth. There is absolutely no targeting involved.

fidel Says:

At least 1 f*** piano comment per week. I am already thinking about blaming him at google.com Reason: those seo-suckers most likely listen to their god -> google ;)

I don’t think this guy knows anything about SEO, Fidel - if he did he would realise that spamming nofollow blogs won’t do him any good at all! He’s just a prick that doesn’t know any better! BM

Mbt Shoes Clearance Says:

I know this is really boring and you are skipping to the next comment, but I just wanted to throw you a big thanks - you cleared up some things for me!
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