Postal strike stupidity

Postal Strike UK

Postal workers, many of whom are staging a strike today, 12th October, 2009, have failed miserably to gain public support for their strike action.

The members of the communication workers union announced a massive support amongst it’s members, supporting National action - but it doesn’t really need National action to mess up the postal service in the UK, does it? Today, for example, their are offices throughout London and Essex that are staging walk-outs and one days strike action, and I’m sure there are more throughout the country, but like most people, I’m, too pissed off with the postal system and the postal workers to bother about checking who is working and who is striking. Even a dozen or so big offices going out on strike buggers it up for people and businesses all over the UK anyway, so all out strike action, or every tenth postal office striking makes no difference - nobody wins out of it.

Online businesses will look elsewhere for their deliveries and they won’t change back to the Post office once the strike is over and posties have to go back to work with their tails between their legs. This will mean a loss of business, inevitable price increases and with that, no doubt, hundreds of these strikers finding themselves looking for a job, as there will be no job for them!

Public don’t care

According to the Scotsman, a recent survey of 1373 adults found that 64 per cent of people don’t support the strike in any way, believing that postal workers won’t achieve their aims and 94% believe that the strike will harm small firms - which of-course it will!

The postal workers that voted for strike action don’t give a toss whether small firms like us receive our cheque payments on time and they don’t care whether people receive their online purchases on time - so why the hell do they think people will support them?

I have to say that the postal service in the Alloa area is pretty damn good and we get on well with our posties, but the Union has to realise that striking hurts everyone, including the future job security of their members, and they will suffer a major backlash if they don’t get this sorted quickly.

Christmas Shopping Advice

If you intend to buy Christmas presents online, I would suggest you do it now. Don’t wait until December, as if the current strike action doesn’t pan out - you can bet your bottom dollar that they’ll be back for more strike action in November and December!

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