Thank you for setting the order Phishing Scam

Phishing Scam - Thank you for setting the order email

I wrote earlier in the month about a phishing scam email I received, supposedly from, but since then I’m receiving dozens each day of the same type of phishing scam, with the subject line, Thank you for setting the order followed by a number - the most recent being Thank you for setting the order No.475456.

The scammers seem to have dropped the pretence that you are going to receive a Sony Vaio, or some other luxury consumer product from a specific store; they are now simply signing the emails “Internet Store”

I know you would have to be really off your guard or gullible to be taken in by the email, but some people will be tempted to click on the zip file and open it to see what it is - DON’T!If you receive an email with the subject line - Thank you for setting the order - delete it from your system immediately as it contains viruses, trojans and general¬†malware.

The last email I received read:

Thanks you for setting the order No.475456
from Wesley Dye

Dear Customer!

Thank you for ordering at our online store.
Your order: Sony VAIO A1133651A, was sent at your address.
The tracking number of your postal parcel is indicated in the document attached to this letter.
Please, print out the postal label for receiving the parcel.
Internet Store.

Don’t be tempted to be inquisitive - bin it!

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Mike Ray Says:

This post is great. Thank you for this post. I like these type of people who share knowledge with others, free of charge too ;) …. But I don’t give free links to spamtwats like you!

phishing Says:

very helpful dog Woof Woof :)

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