Alliance & Leicester Confirmation Form Scam Email

Alliance and Leicester Scam

I received no less than 108 scam emails, to numerous addresses, supposed to be from Alliance & Leicester today, supposedly being sent from They do not come from the Alliance and Leicester, they are scammers, out to get you to part with your online bank account details. Don’t be caught out!

The emails had various subject headings:

  • Security Maintenance
  • Alliance & Leicester customer service: official update
  • Alliance & Leicester security upgrade Thu, 17 Sep 2009 17:12:32 +0700
  • Alliance & Leicester customer service informs you <message id: 5349527097> 
  • Instructions for Alliance & Leicester customer [message id: 8247787496]
  • Alliance & Leicester customer service: notification (message ref: 6220753298)
  • new security measures
  • Alliance & Leicester online form (message ref: 2912105542)
  • important banking mail (message ref: 8744582716)
  • security alert 
  • Alliance & Leicester customer service: instructions for customer

There are dozens more, but I don’t have the time to type them all out.

This is the scam email contents:

Alliance & Leicester Confirmation Form

Dear Alliance & Leicester customer,You have received this alerting message, as you are listed to be an
Alliance & Leicester Internet banking user.We would like to inform you that we are currently
carrying out scheduled maintenance of banking software, that operates customer database for
Alliance & Leicester Internet banking users. Customer database is based on a client-server protocol,
so, in order to finish the update procedure, we need customer direct participation. Every
Alliance & Leicester Internet banking customer (business and personal) has to complete
a Alliance & Leicester Confirmation Form. In order to access the form, please use the link
below. The link is unique for each account holder and expires within a certain period of time.
If you don’t fill in Alliance & Leicester Confirmation Form before your unique link expires,
the system will automatically send you a new notification message.

Alliance & Leicester Confirmation Form

Thank you for your cooperation. We apologize for any inconvenience brought.

Alliance & Leicester plc is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
Our FSA register number is 189099.
Alliance & Leicester plc, Registered office :
Carlton Park, Narborough,
Leicester LE19 0AL.
Company No: 3263713. Registered in England.


The contact form link doesn’t go to Alliance & Leicester, they go to various domains, including, and

I won’t go into the tell tale signs, you can check them out in past scam alerts on my blog - just know, these are scam bastards out to steal from you. Delete the emails and whatever you do, don’t enter your Alliance and Leicester banking details!

If you receive one, with different subjects or different content, or you just want to say hello, leave a comment - we like to know what you think of these spammy scamming bastards!

13 Responses to “Alliance & Leicester Confirmation Form Scam Email”

Jessi Says:

I recieved an email offering me a loan from your company…I wish to know if this is a legitimate offer. The loan application sent has the following info on it…. Allience & Leicester PLC
Carlton Park Narborough
Leicester, LE19 OAL UK
Julie Hughes…head of finance
David J. Bennett…customer care department
and I am to send the loan app. back to
Please let me know if this is legitimate as soon as possible, as I have been scammed before and will not proceed on anything until I have proof of legitimacy. Thank-you for your time. Jessi

Is it addressed to your name and your email address and do you have an account with them, if so call them and ask. However, I don’t think that Alliance and leicester would ask you to reply to a gmail address, do you? BM

kirk Says:

still received few days ago, they use my name (easy figure out from email ID) but some misspellings are there plus their “domain” (?) is “aliance+….” - one “L”, that is.

kirk Says:

here is the text, though, sorry:

This e-mail has been sent to you by Alliance & Leicester to inform you that we were unable to verify your account details. This might be due to either of the following reasons:

1. A recent change in your personal information. (eg: address, phone)
2. Submitting incorrect information during register process.

Our technical service department has recently discovered that your information on file with us is incomplete.

Please confirm your account informatin on our secured server below :

Alliance & Leicester member services
Copyright (c) 2010 Alliance & Leicester ( Santander Grup

Brother Scamback Says:

I got an email from Alliance & Leicaster. I recognized the bullshit right away. So I offered to send them the processing fee via the U.S Postal Service. I packed an envelope of my dog’s shit and send it to them. The next email that I received from them showed who they really are. They responded with threats of taking revenge and how many of my brothers and sisters they have already scammed. I didn’t care because I already had my laughs and I laughed more with their treats.
I’m glad you got something out of wasting your time sending them your gift. That’s a couple of hours out of your life that you’ll never get back and do you think they really care? They’ll just move on to the next mug that falls for their scam. If you get these emails, just delete and forget, life is too short to be even giving these people a secon’d s thought.

Maximilain Bluecrow Says:

Thanks for the tip you saved me a lot of time trying to track this down myself.

Maximilain Bluecrow Says:

Is there a way to avoid any more emails from them? Change your email address to a completely new one and don’t use it to sign for anything on the web.

Kuan Chun Yun Says:

Hi,I would like to know if there is a General Account Director named Mr. Brook Aurthur.

Get back to me ASAP.

Kuan Chun Yun
Tel:+65 8120 0846
No-one here of that name……..? BM

Ochan James P'Okidi Says:

I opened my off-shore online Bank Account in Alliance & Leicester Bank PLC in December 2011in my name given above and my Bank Account number given to me by the Bank is 200270000. On 28th December, 2011, I filled an online form that had been sent to my e-mail by a Bank Official named Mr. Raymond Benjamin (Operation Manager) for opening up an offshore online Bank Account. The form was contained in the website link given as: and the e-mail used for sending the above website link was: onlinetransferdept@ Some amount of money was deposited for me into the Bank Account as an opening balance. Initially when my Bank Account was activated, I was able to access it through a website link that was sent to my e-mail by the Bank using the e-mail address given above. However, as I speak now, the website link has been deactivated and I cannot check on any details relating to my Bank Account, and it is coming to three weeks now. I am therefore kindly requesting the Bank to update me on this issue if my offshore online Bank Account really exists in the bank in the name and account number stated above, and if it exists then I request the Bank to keep it activated so that I can access it online.. Thanks for your kind cooperation. Firstly, we are not the Alliance and Leicester - read the article.
Secondly, if you have opened the account using a web address, (Allice Alice that isn’t an Alliance and Leicester URL, so it appears you may have been scammed. Contact the police straight away and they will tell you how to proceed and what authorities to report this to, where you reside. Sorry to hear about your misfortune. BM

peter kihara mwangi gichembe Says:

Kindly let me know whether you are holding the monies of peter kihara mwangi gichembe, handed over to you by nokia uk
also confirm the authenicity of the documents and vide the reference number cd011/318/4955GAD No we are not holding any monies. READ THE ARTICLE!

klironomos Chris Says:

PLZ I WANT TO KNOW IF IT IS REAL!!! No, it’s not real. Read the article and the other comments. BM I HAVE THIS EMAIL ,SEND ME SOMEONE MR ROBERT BELL

Tel: +44 703 593 3812
+44 703 590 8821
+44 702 407 0754
Fax: +44 709 298 4398
+44 707 708 0707
Date: 8/22/2012

Attention : Christos Klironomos George,

We acknowledged the receipt of your mail. You are to settle a bank to bank Cost Of Transfer fee of £400 GBP to enable us proceed with your funds transfer.
Below is the Western Union information of our Secretary in charge of the cost of transfer fee. You are to go to any Western Union Money Transfer Outlets close to you and use the below info to send the transfer fee.
Receiver Name: Mrs. Tina Jones
Destination : London, United Kingdom.
Amount to be sent: £400 GBP
Text Question: In God?
Text Answer : We Trust.
As soon as your cost of transfer fee has been received and confirm by our secretary in charge of receiving the C.O.T fee.
You are to forward the payment details to this office via email attachment the scan copy of the payment receipt. This is for confirmation and documentation purpose.YOU ARE TO FORWARD TO US YOUR BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATIONS WERE YOU WANT YOUR DONATION FUND TO BE TRANSFERED INTO.
Get back to us immediately with these requirements as soon as possible.
We await your immediate response regarding this.

Best regards,

Mr. Robert Bell
Vaults Deposit Manager (Accounts Department)
Fax: +44 709 298 4398
**Alliance and Leicester is part of Santander.
Registered in United Kingdom, Registered Office:
Carlton Park, Narborough, Leicester LE19 0AL
Regulated by the Financial Services Authority
Our FSA register number is 106054.
***Working Hours: 24 Hours Services (Online Banking).***

My wife and I are very happy to hear from you because we believe this is a life time opportunity for you and your family, which was why we had to make sure our interview is put on the Internet for the world to see and we have also attached our real pictures to this mail to definitely prove to you that you are in the right hands.

For verification, you can view the below link
We plan to take care of the needs of our immediate family members and make some of our friends millionaires because we believe in making others comfortable and happy like us.

My wife and I have assist the local fire department, the Red Cross, Haiti, some hospitals majorly involved in cancer treatment, and some other charity organizations in Africa, Asia and Europe that fight cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

However, since we won the Euro Millions Lottery, my wife and I have been investing ahead of the future, as we just bought a house at London and Portugal .
One amazing incident happened this morning because I got an email from one of the beneficiaries who lives in USA, Mr Barry, thanking my wife and I for the cash donation to him and his family.

This kind of emails we receive from our beneficiaries gives my wife and I much joy and we are really happy for you, being one of our beneficiaries.

Mr Barry told us that he received his own funds, though he was a little scared and afraid as a result of different scams going on in the Internet today, but he made up his mind, he trusted us and he followed the bank’s instructions, which facilitated to the safe transfer of the funds which we donated to him and his family.

I have submitted your Name, Email Address and your Mobile Number to our pay-out bank ( Alliance and Leicester Bank United Kingdom )and the bank’s funds transfer department will send you an email to facilitate the disbursement process of the funds £1,500,000.00 GBP which was donated to you.

My wife and I humbly urge you to cooperate with our payout bank, Alliance and Leicester Bank United Kingdom in other to enhance a smooth and successful transfer of the funds which we donated to you because you are our only beneficiary who has not yet received his donation money.

We are very happy and proud to help you and your family and we also suggest that you may also get in touch with the bank on( for the disbursement of your funds. We just sent you some iof our recent photos … feel free to look at them.

Contact Details Of Alliance and Leicester Bank United Kingdom

Chief Accounting Officer : Mr Robert Bell
Email: accounts@
Phone: +(44) 703 593 3812

Contact the Alliance and Leicester Bank immediately so that they can have your funds transfer to your account.
We love you and your family.

Kind Regards,
Dave Dawes.

On Sun, Aug 19, 2012 at 4:28 AM, C. Klironomos wrote:


3 συνημμένα — Λήψη όλων των συνημμένων αρχείων Προβολή όλων των εικόνων Κοινή χρήση όλων των εικόνων

thank you
Klironomos Chris

Ebenezer O. Ayeni Says:

Kindly let me know whether you are holding the monies of ebenezer o. ayeni, handed over to you by nokia uk. Also confirm the authenticity of the documents vide the reference number nk131/cn-435-663-0. Thanks. Holding monies? Read the article! BM

Rafael Alvarez Says:

hello I need to open an account with you I have to do, I live in Mexico.

Thank you.

I think you are mistaking us for a bank. Read the article. BM

asad ahmed Says:

i am receiving calls to remit 3000 GBP to get me my COT . Is it real ? I have no idea. What is a COT? BM

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